Apprenticeship Q&A with Shani Coker

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Celebrating Apprenticeship week TR talks to Shani Coker, Administration Apprentice based in Uckfield about her time so far with the company.

What did you do before you joined TR Fastenings as an Apprentice?

I worked with horses for 6 years until I sustained a knee injury which meant it was too dangerous for me to carry on. With no experience of working in an office I thought it would be best for me to apply for an Apprenticeship so I could receive the training I needed to gain skills to allow me to progress within a successful company.

What is your role at TR Fastenings?

I am an Administration Apprentice.

How did you get your Apprenticeship?

I saw the position advertised online and after researching TR I could see they would be a good company to work for, so I applied for the job and was accepted for an interview.  It was very informative and I was given a tour of the office and warehouse where I would spend a lot of my time. From this visit, I got a nice feel of the people I would be working with and the environment I would be working in and shortly after my interview I was offered the Apprenticeship role and happily accepted it.

What does your typical day involve?

My role is varied but typically I start off by making sure meeting rooms are set up for the day and turning the TV on in reception! I will then confirm the delivery notes stock transfers and re-works. I answer the phone, check my emails and deal with any travel requirements that people need such as booking flights, airport transfers and hotels and order food for any meetings. I also sort the post out in the mornings, ensuring the right post goes to the right people/departments. I also sort the post in the afternoon; putting labels on envelopes ready for the postman to collect.

What takes up most of your time?

Confirming delivery notes and answering the phone. (The phone rings a lot!)

What is the best aspect of your role?

The variety of work I get to do. Every day is different! Apart from the day to day jobs I have to do, every day brings something different.

And the most challenging?

Sitting still! After working with horses and being on the move all day I definitely struggle sitting still for most of the day. However, I do have to walk out to the warehouse to collect the delivery notes before I can confirm them so this helps me be less restless.

What is your greatest achievement at TR Fastenings so far, i.e. what are you most proud of?

Remembering people’s names in the office! There is a lot of people in the office to remember and building a relationship with my customers.

How do you wind down after a hard day?

I have 2 dogs at home so I quite like to take them for a walk after work which helps me to relax after a hard day. The other thing I like to do is a have a glass of wine and watch a comedy programme or film.

What does the future hold?

I would like to use my Apprenticeship to progress within the company and to develop my skills further. I love learning new things and this is a very exciting opportunity for me.
Published 04.02.2020

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