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As a leading distributor in the Aerospace and Defence industry, our customers have come to depend on us as a proven source, known for exceptional quality and delivery, for all their fasteners and related components.



Vendor Matrix

TR operates a unique vendor matrix for all Aerospace and Defence customers.

Vendors who are approved onto the matrix have been assessed and passed a suitability study to meet the industry requirements. TR’s systems will not allow any parts to be ordered with vendors who are not on this matrix for supply into the Aerospace and Defence sector.


Vendor Managed Inventory »

Getting high-volume, low-cost components from the supplier to the production line often involves significant administration.

This can add considerably to the total in-place cost of the parts. Our logistical supply systems can practically eliminate these administration processes and reduce the customers overall costs.


Material & Coatings

We supply a vast range of products with specialist materials and finishes required by the Aerospace and Defence industry.

From specialist materials like Super Duplex to A2-70 and A4-80 Stainless Steel, to your more standard Mild Steel, HT Steel in Grades 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 alongside CAD plating and zinc & green (khaki) for camouflage.


Special Manufacture »

Our own factories in Asia and Europe produce approximately 8 billion components a year, many of which are specific to customer drawing.

In addition, our strategic partnerships with other world-class manufacturers allows us to offer a wide range of special parts for the Aerospace and Defence industry.


Quality & Inspection »

We have state of the art quality & inspection facilities including:

Optical sorting machines, ductility testing equipment, torsional strength testers, Vickers hardness testers and x-ray plating thickness test equipment.


Specification Requirements

We have fully trained staff working within the sales team to ensure all specification requirements are understood and parts are supplied with all required paperwork.

All the necessary paperwork is retained to our customers required time frame.


Certification »

TR is accredited to AS9120 and provides components to various standards such as NAS/MS/BSA/SP/AGS used in the Aerospace industry.

Full lot traceability, full QA documentation such as FAI/ISIR’s, material certificates and manufacturing certificates including independent inspection to BS EN 10204 3.2 are also available on request.


Trade Bodies »


JOSCAR is the new accreditation system for the aerospace, defence and security sectors. NDI, EEF’s defence experts, offer supply chain sourcing and development services to businesses of all sizes in the defence, aerospace, space and security sectors. ADS represents and supports over 1,100 UK businesses operating in the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors.

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A&D Industry Flyer »

An overview on the services and products TR Fastenings supplies to the Aerospace & Defence Industry.



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