IP Console

Trim clips, spring clips and screws form the basis of the products used in this application. TR offers design and engineering support in the more specialist areas of this assembly requirement. 


IP Console Leading Image 1


  • Airbags
  • Switchgear
  • Controls
  • Media centre - Sat Nav, CD, MP3, Radio
  • Air conditioning controls
  • Instrumentation - Speedo, Rev Counter

IP Console Leading Image 2


  • Trim clips
  • Air conduct clips - black & silver
  • Knurled pin with dogpoint for glovebox
  • PT screws
  • Brass inserts
  • Push in nuts
  • Plastic trim clip
  • Edge clip
  • Chimney nut
  • SEMS units
  • Hinge Spring
  • Airbag bracket deep drawn thread
  • Airbag stud 
  • U-nut for ST screws
  • Airbag bracket with clinch nut
  • Airbag nut
  • Airbag Stud for overmoulding
  • Latch spring
  • Rubber bumper with rotating self tapping screw

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