Hank® Self Clinch Products

TR has an extensive range of self clinching products in both external and internal threads. Our Hank brand is essentially synonymous with sheet metal fasteners. They are relied upon in numerous industries in a wide range of critical applications.

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The Hank Self Clinch range is designed to offer a permanent female or male thread in sheet metal that is too thin to be tapped by traditional methods. We manufacture the vast majority of the self clinch range we supply in our factory in Singapore.

Quality accreditation documents (i.e. PPAP level 3) are available on request and TR holds 50,000,000 individual parts in stock at its UK facility.

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  • Aluminium
  • Phosphor bronze
  • Stainless Steel (in various grades)
  • Steel

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Product Features

  • Available in numerous shapes and sizes to suit a wide variety of product applications
  • There are many variants of the standard standoff, stud and nut ranges
  • M2-M12 sizes ex. stock
  • Huge stock range
  • High pullout and torsional resistance
  • Many different plated finishes available

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  • When installed the Hank self clinch product offers a thread, so that male or female threads can be inserted to hold materials or products together
  • This product can be easily installed using an anvil and punch, using the squeezing force method

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