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Sheet Metal Products: stock and supply

With a global network of manufacturing and distribution sites ensuring flexible lead times and quick turnaround, TR is recognised throughout the sheet metal industry for world-class products and services.

TR produces approximately 8 billion parts per annum across 8 manufacturing sites, spanning two continents, and has over 100,000 stocked items available.
Offering reliable global logistics, TR’s strategic warehousing guarantees prompt delivery.
We supply high volume multinational OEMs and distributors around the world with fastening components. These companies demand consistent quality, competitive pricing and prompt deliveries, TR offers all of this and much more. 

Advanced supply chain structure

Supplying customers in c.75 countries from multinational locations, TR has a strategically designed global infrastructure that optimises supply chain solutions.

At TR we adopt a three-tier approach that includes local, national and international teams. Our global delivery model has been designed from the ground up to address the challenges of communication, culture and security.
We pride ourselves on our consistently high levels of service and we are committed to finding supply chain solutions for our customers. This approach can see us stepping in to help with urgent supply issues.

Sheet Metal Product Range

Hank Self Clinch Fasteners
Hank Rivet Bushes
K Series
Blind Rivet Nuts
Blind Rivets
Weld Nuts
CD Weld Studs


For further information or to enquire about any of our sheet metal products please contact the team -

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