Coronavirus Communication – update 03.11.2020

This note is a further update and supersedes the previous ones posted on our website.
Unfortunately, we are now seeing a second wave of the virus affecting countries around the world, which is something that we had all hoped would never happen again.
We have had recent customer requests for an update on how we will manage this the second time around, so this is our current status of alert.

We have maintained our weekly Covid-19 conference call since the start of the pandemic to ensure that we stayed in control should there be further outbreaks. This is hosted by our CEO every Monday morning at 8am, and attended by our CFO and the Operational Executive Board representing the UK, Europe, Asia and North America, and key disciplines including HR, Sourcing and IT.

Our priority has always been the safety and well being of our staff, and we have conducted two surveys during this Covid period. This resulted in a high satisfaction rating that says we have managed the care of our workforce and the management of the protocols that we have all had to work with, to a high standard. We have had unexpected Health and Safety visits at a number of our sites in the Group, and we have thankfully passed all of these audits confirming that our safety protocols are robust. Today all TR sites are operational, but some have differing restrictions imposed on them at local level which we comply with.

During the early stages of Covid-19 we were classed as an “essential supplier” by customers across all industry sectors, and Medical in particular which has ensured that our 33 locations globally, both manufacturing sites and distributions sites, have remained open. We do not anticipate this changing, and of course we now have experience on our side as we enter this second wave.

Our key focus is on managing your Supply Chain to ensure that once again we do not fail in any aspect of our service. We are reviewing stock levels on all customer special parts, and we will advise you if we have any concerns long before we reach a problem stage so that we can work together to mitigate any problems. We were inundated earlier in the year with bespoke forms to be filled in requesting info by part, which would have totally detracted us from focussing on ensuring that we did not fail. We therefore ask that you accept this letter instead, and our commitment to assuring you that we are working hard once again to manage our way through this next challenging time.

If you need any further information or help from us, then please speak to your TR contact and we will assist.
We hope you, your staff and families keep safe and well too during this second wave and we wish that a vaccine is found soon, so that we can all get our lives back on track.

Glenda Roberts - Director, Trifast plc


Click here to download the official TR Fastenings communication

Click here to download the Trifast - Covid-19 Return to Work Protocols document

Published 03.11.2020

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