Coronavirus Communication

This note is to advise you of the actions that we are taking in relation to the virus in Hubei province in China to assess any Supply Chain impact. The Chinese Government has as a precaution extended the Chinese New Year holiday period until the 10th of February as part of their virus control plan.

We have over 85 staff in China, and our first concern was for their safety and that of our vendors. We have 8 TR manufacturing sites, and thankfully these are all outside of China.
Once that was established we immediately turned our attention to the Supply Chain. We have a very low percentage of product that comes from China so it has been easy to assess the supply situation. Standard product is not an issue as we have substantial stocks around the Group. The focus has been on special parts to customer drawings and in establishing the stock levels in TR locations outside of China, including the stock that is in transit to us.
We have been in communication with our Chinese vendors who will advise their stock, WIP once they return to work. Currently we believe we can maintain the Supply Chain to you and we will constantly monitor the situation and give updates via the website
Assuring you that we are doing everything we can to support during this very difficult time.

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Published 30.01.2020

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BIAFD Update: Chinese factories beginning return to work

Initial information from China indicates some but not all fastener factories are returning to work. Few are so far operating at full capacity. 

Reported operating levels in some larger plants are around the 80% mark, with more workers expected to return. Some factories say they are back to full strength, others significantly lower with some not expected to return for at least a few more days.  

Delays in reopening may relate to whether companies are able to demonstrate compliance with local government requirements, which include reporting worker identities, residence and health, as well as instituting hygiene measures, health monitoring and reporting. 

Official figures on the 2019-nCoV outbreak show the number of new confirmed cases in China has fallen in recent days although the death toll has now topped 1000. There are, however, continued questions about the accuracy of official numbers compared with the reality on the ground.

Reuters and others continue to report difficulties with road freight, with drivers unable to leave/enter cities and the number of available drivers still curtailed by those unable to travel back to work. Cross national border traffic is severely restricted with reports this is limiting the flow of materials from China into Vietnam particularly. 

Container shipping lines have voided sailings from Chinese ports over the last week in response to low traffic volumes. As factories return to production capacity is likely to come under serious pressure, with probable delays for some, most likely lower profitability, containers. 

Chinese ports are reported operational over the last week, although traffic has clearly been curtailed, and there are still some reports of worker shortages.
Published 11.02.2020

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