Ocean Operational Update - UK container inland haulage issues - Thursday 19th November 2020

There remains severe industry wide congestion at UK main Container Ports, this is impacting UK inland Haulage, whether this be Export or Import.

UK Haulage is being impacted greatly with lead times for availability increasing and associated costs also, effecting performance and on time deliveries and collections.
In addition effected ports and carriers are regularly refusing restitution of empty containers back to the original port that laden containers were collected from, this may be a combination of reduced empty space and or container stacks being full and therefore acceptance is refused or due to port rotation changes.
  • Vessel schedule disruption with delays in the time taken to discharge containers from vessels
  • Increased Volumes following the impact of COVID19
  • Prolonged turnaround times on the quay for trucks.
  • Reduced VBS, Vehicle Booking Slots
  • Import containers missing planned connections to rail, with a reduced RAIL schedule
  • Reduced haulage availability, reduced drivers and Vehicle equipment
  • Vessels being diverted to other ports from their planned schedule
  • Empty return of containers being diverted away from the collecting Ports with the added time and costs impact.
There is a cumulative knock on effect from these issues as they impact each other.
Unfortunately, we expect this situation to continue into December and January 2021.
Whilst these factors are beyond our control, our team are working to protect the smooth movement of your cargo as much as we can.

David Mayes

UK Logistics Manager

Contact us - Global Logistical Support Team - logistics@trfastenings.com