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TR PSEP Wins Excellence Award from Perodua

Trifast-owned Power Steel & Electro-Plating Works (PSEP) is delighted to announce it has received an ‘Excellent Vendor in Delivery’ award from Perodua (Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn. Bhd.), Malaysia’s largest manufacturer of four-wheeled vehicles. Their cars are primarily sold under the brand of Perodua in Malaysia, and Daihatsu in Indonesia and Sri Lanka.  Power Steel has been their supplier since 1998, producing parts for the body, chassis and engines directly, and indirectly to their transmissions via their Tier 1 suppliers.
“Being recognised as an Excellent Vendor in Delivery, the first such award from Perodua, is a tremendous achievement for our team who needs to ensure that products delivered each and every time are of the right quantity and most importantly, the best possible quality," comments Theodore K C Wong, General Manager at TR PSEP.
He adds “With this morale booster, the team now is even more focused and determined to work towards bettering the already high standards that are expected of us.  In the process, we are hopeful of increased sales from Malaysia’s best automotive manufacturer.  With added support from the TR Group and Management, our continued journey to be a world class manufacturer is closer to being achieved.”
Trifast acquired Power Steel and Electro–Plating Works Sdn. Bhd (PSEP) in December 2011 and it is considered to be one of the most advanced fastener manufacturers in the Asia region, employing around 176 staff and producing 450 tonnes of products per month. 

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