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TR Fastenings Scoops Philips Supplier of the Year Award

TR Fastenings has been awarded the Philips Hamilton Lighting Supplier of the Year Award 2011, TR have supplied the Philips Hamilton plant for the last two decades.

TR Fastenings, a leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial fastenings, was awarded the accolade at Philips Supplier Day in Hamilton, Scotland, on 16 February which was attended by the company’s top 16 suppliers. TR was also recently awarded the European and Asian contract to supply fastenings to the Philips Lighting/Luminaries divisions including selected Consumer Lifestyle facilities and related subcontractors.
John Chalmers, Philips European Purchasing Manager CT Metal Parts, said:  “This is down simply to the excellent performance of the team at TR so therefore my thanks to everyone and my hope is that they achieve similar success in 2012 not just for Hamilton Lighting but across the Philips community.”
Philips used TR Fastenings scores from its Global Supplier Rating System (GSRS) to provide the basis for judging criteria. GSRS allows Philips to monitor supplier performance and identify ‘best fit’ suppliers who add the most value using an objective and measurable criteria. TR Fastenings scored a figure of 93 per cent in the ratings for 2011 but have gone on to increase this figure to 98 per cent for January 2012.
The award was received by TR Fastenings representatives, Regional Operations Manager Scott Graham and Business Development Manager John Little.

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