Jade's 24 hour running challenge

Jade Overy who works in TR's Finance department, will be taking part in a challenge to run as far as possible in 24 hours to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

"The event starts on the 19th May at 1pm and I will be running as many laps of a 6.55 mile loop as possible in 24 hours.  I am hoping to run at least a minimum of 50 miles, and hope to be capable of more on the day... but you have my promise that no matter what I will do my very best!  There will be an area at the race HQ where I can rest/eat as and when I feel necessary, but the rest of my time will be spent running. Thank you for your support, Jade."

Jade completes her challenge and runs 60 miles!

A massive congratulations to Jade for this huge achievement! 

"So I have completed my 24 hour challenge... and I managed a total of 60 miles.  I ran for the first 46 miles, feeling strong and it was an amazing (and new) experience to run that far.  My quads then had other ideas and I had to run/walk to 53 miles.  Very very happy with a double marathon under my belt in 11 hours 40 minutes including all food stops.  Legs as you can imagine at this point were very sore, it was pitch black and raining so I decided to sleep for a little while.  I managed 3 hours sleep in the back of my car (if you have seen my car you will know this is an achievement in itself) and then ventured out again.  I attempted to run but I think my crazy hobble was no faster and more painful than just walking so I continued to walk, on the strategy that I would walk for the remaining time I had left.  Unfortunately my knee became very painful in the last couple of miles, and with some popping and clicking noises coming from it it became a concern.  I decided to stop as I didn’t want to cause any further damage, but all in all I am very pleased with 60 miles, and my first venture into ultra running."

Thank you so much to everyone for their help, support, kind words of encouragement and donations.

For more information or to request a press pack, contact TR Marketing: marketing@trfastenings.com