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Kevin races to the finish for charity in London to Brighton bike ride

On 16th June, TR’s Kevin Gladman, Data Controller, based at the headquarters in Uckfield, completed the London to Brighton British Heart Foundation Bike Ride in an impressive 5 and a half hours, with the average time being anything ranging from 6 – 10 hours, raising a grand total of £208. 
It was a bright and early start as Kevin headed to London at 6:30 am in plenty of time to set off at 8:30 am.
He comments:
Most of the ride was overcast and threatening to rain and, within the first 5 miles I saw 3 people come off the road with chain issues and flat tires.  After the first long uphill stretch the heavens opened – at that point, the ride started to become real. The rain didn’t let up for over 3 hours. Lucky me…. yes, I had no rain jacket! This was going to be a hard day, switching from hot baking sun to pouring rain!
I faced a lot of challenges throughout the ride, but due to the determined team spirit everyone felt motivated to carry on. The ride featured some tough challenges, such as the Ditchling Beacon climb which is 1.55 km long, with an average gradient of 8.7 %!
I felt a sense of reassurance when I’d reached the Beacon as I knew that it was downhill 7 miles back to Brighton. From there it was a satisfying race for the finish.
I am really proud of our achievements and am looking forward to setting myself personal targets for next year." 
Published 09.07.19

TR’s Kevin Gladman taking on London to Brighton challenge again for BHF

TR Fastenings (TR)’s Data Controller, Kevin Gladman, who is based at the headquarters in Uckfield, is taking on the London to Brighton Bike ride, for the British Heart Foundation on the 16th June, covering 54 miles from Clapham Common to Brighton beach.

Kevin comments: 
“It’s time for a new challenge, as it has been a while since I have thought about any significant race, let alone 54 miles! This is the second time I will be taking part in the London to Brighton ride, which I first completed, shortly after my father passed away in 2004. With the race being on Father's Day this year it give me chance to think about my father whilst raising the money for a great cause.
The last time I was training, I continued to train with a cold and didn't think much about it, next thing I know, I was in hospital suffering from the one thing I was raising money for. At the time there was no clear reasoning, over time they confirmed that I got hit with a rare form of pericarditis, a disease that affects your heart sack, which inflates, presses on the heart and slows your blood flow. 12 months of rest and lots of tests later I am back up and running. I had a long way to go to be even think about a bike ride , I could barely walk up the town without getting out of breath.
Things needed to change, I was back in the gym 2 years on and I could feel the strength coming back, in the back of my head all I wanted was to complete the 54 miles, so my aim was to do London to Brighton, 8 months of bike training later and here we are 1 week away.
This year I aim to complete the bike ride in 3.5 - 4.5 hours, however, as long as I complete the full course I will be happy with any time."

If you wish to donate, please visit Kevin’s JustGiving page, Kevin will also be collecting donations at his desk which he will add to the final fundraising total.

Published 06.06.19

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