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News Update Mick Kirby: December 2019

TR Fastenings is proud to support disabled sportsman Mick Kirby who took on his biggest challenge to date in October this year, ascending Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for charity.

Mick and his partner raised an incredible £9,000, making them the highest fundraisers in the group that took part in the climb. All of the money raised from this adventure has been donated to Limbpower and Amputation Foundation, both charities that are close to Micks heart.

He comments:

“It is an understatement to say this was an experience, we all knew that it was going to be a challenge, however, it is something I would consider doing again!

I was very proud to see two amputees reach the summit. After climbing over half way, sadly I, along with 4 others, decided we should not continue, I underestimated the amount of dust which suddenly hit my chest. Despite this, it was still a challenge to get back down, we had to trek 18K over rocks and uneven ground.”

TR Fastenings would like to congratulate Mick for taking on such a huge challenge and for raising an incredible amount for his 3 chosen charities.
Published 20.12.19

Update: Mick Kirby fundraising going well with £4k already raised!

TR is proud to be supporting disabled sportsman Mick Kirby who is taking on his biggest challenge in October this year, by ascending Mount Kilimanjaro along with 15 other amputees and a few supporters.

The Pig and Butcher in Five Ash Down, East Sussex, will be holding an event from Noon on Saturday 24th August to help raise awareness and money for LimbPower and Amputation Foundation, charities Mick has received support from in the past. The event will include a BBQ, live music, a raffle and much more! 

Mick has raised an impressive £4,000 already, nearly half way to reaching his target.

Click here to read his story and donate on his JustGiving page. 

Published 23.08.19

Mick Kirby takes on his biggest challenge to reach new heights

TR Fastenings are proud to be supporting disabled sportsman Mick Kirby who is taking on his biggest challenge in October this year, by ascending Mount Kilimanjaro.
Mick suffered a severe stroke 12 years ago that led to him having below elbow amputation on his left arm 4 years ago. On this journey, he will be joined with 17 other amputees, his partner Jackie and six other able-bodied friends.
All funds raised for this great adventure will be donated to LimbpowerAmputation Foundation and Chailey Heritage Foundation.

TR has supported Mick for several years, providing funding for his involvement in a number of sporting activities and challenges, including clay pigeon shooting, in which Mick has enjoyed significant success. Located in Tanzania, near the border with Kenya, Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest free-standing mountain.

It rises 4,065 metres above the plateau, which is located 1,830 metres above sea level. With a total height of 5,895 metres above sea level (AMSL), Kilimanjaro can also call itself Africa’s highest mountain. 

Mick comments: 

“It’s all systems go for the Kilimanjaro climb in October. Training is going well, and I look forward to raising funds for three great charities that are close to my heart, who helped me on my road to recovery. Me and my partner Jackie feel proud to be the only people in Sussex to be training for this.”

If you wish to donate, please visit Mick’s JustGiving page.

Published 13.06.19