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Mick Kirby Takes the ‘Dis’ Out of Disability with Clay Pigeon Shooting Success

TR Fastenings’ supports local sportsman who suffered paralysis after stroke

Uckfield based TR Fastenings is pleased to be sponsoring champion shooter and disabled sports person Mick Kirby, in clay pigeon shooting competitions across the UK and internationally during 2015/16. Despite a serious stroke 8 years ago, Mick now aged 56, never regained practical use of his left arm but this did not deter him from re-igniting his passion for shooting and achieving competitive success.
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Naturally left-handed, Mick had to retrain to shoot with his right arm and with sheer determination he overcame his physical setback and now shoots competitively nationally, and has shot in Italy and hopes to compete in the USA next year. Mick has chosen not to have any allowances made for speed in competitions, despite being a fraction slower than other shots and has gone on to win first, second and third places against able-bodied shots in Class C competitions.
His new adventure began after he contacted Sportability in 2009, a charity that provides sport and challenging pursuits for people with paralysis. Mick said, “I am so grateful to the charity for helping me to access different physical activities and giving me the confidence to return to participative sport. Thank you also to Disabled Clay Target Shooting GB for enabling me to pursue my love of skeet shooting.”
David Heard, Chief Executive of Sportability, commented; “When Mick Kirby came to the first Sportability shooting event he was hesitant and perhaps even a bit reluctant to be involved.  Having had a stroke and being left partially paralysed his apprehension was easy to understand. However, with some adjustments to his stance and some support he was able to not only shoot, but found he was actually quite good at it.  This was the beginning of a whole new adventure. Mick now shoots in competitions throughout the UK and even Europe and has become a champion shooter.  He has vividly demonstrated taking the 'dis' out of disability and become a formidable sports person.  We are proud to be associated with Mick.”
Geoff Budd, TR’s Managing Director also commented: “Mick is a true inspiration and TR is delighted to be supporting such a talented and resilient individual.  His positivity and achievements are a lesson to all of us that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. We wish him continued success.”


"Mick Kirby has attended many Sportabilty events over the years including quad biking, archery, water skiing, rifle shooting and flying he has always found a way to take part and never refused chance to try something. The first time he came to Purbeck Shooting School to do clay pigeon shooting he told me he was unsure on how he would get on. Needless to say within the first few shots he was hitting clays and the next I heard from him was he had joined local gun club on got his own shot gun! Mick will often come along to Purbeck Shooting School when Sportabilty is having an event there as an ambassador for the sport, showing others it can be done." Tim Worner Dorset & Hants Area Organiser for Sportabilty
“Mick Kirby was recommended to British Shooting as someone with a passion not only for his own shooting, but as someone with an ability to inspire and enthuse others. We are currently looking to increase the number of disabled people participating in the sport and with more people like Mick our job would be a lot easier. He has helped us not only to deliver activities to new people, but to share his ideas as to how disabled shooting can go from strength to strength, several of which we are currently following up on.”  Liz Davidson, National Development Manager, British Shooting

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