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TR Scotland Makes a Difference at Christmas for Children at Women's Aid Shelter

TR Scotland’s Annmarie McArdle has completed a collection of chocolate selection boxes for children under the care of a local Women’s Aid shelter for the third year running. This year, an amazing 94 selection boxes were donated, improving on last year’s total of 70 and the 40 boxes collected in 2014.

Every year, Annmarie, an inventory controller for TR Scotland, organises the collection amongst employees of TR and other businesses in the building in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. Annmarie designs a flier which is posted in the mailboxes of everyone working on the premises and also sends an email encouraging people to donate a selection box. The boxes are then given to Women’s Aid South Lanarkshire and East Renfrewshire (WASLER) as a gift to the children at the shelter.
Each year, the shelter holds a Christmas party, disco or pantomime for the children in its care. The selection boxes are wrapped up and delivered to the children by Santa, who makes a special visit at the end of the party.
Annmarie comments: “Some of these children have had to leave their homes at very short notice and have nothing when they arrive at the shelter. For some of them, the selection box they receive at the party is the only Christmas present they will get. Just knowing we can make even the smallest difference to these children is hugely rewarding, and I’m thrilled that we’ve managed to collect so many boxes this year. It’s a well-established tradition now here at TR Scotland and something we’ll continue to do year after year.”
Annmarie was inspired to hold an annual charity collection by a friend and selected WASLER after conducting research into local charities. WASLER supports and empowers women, children and young people who are experiencing, or have experienced domestic abuse. It provides a range of needs-led services including refuge accommodation, support and information, ensuring improved outcomes for those affected. 


If you would like to learn more about the charity or make a donation, you can visit the charity’s website or its Justgiving page.

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