TR’s Scottish team pulls together to support local food bank

Staff at TR’s Scotland site have grouped together to provide generous donations to a food bank, in an effort to offer support to the local community.

Scotland food bank 02
The team had undertaken a food drive earlier in the year as one of the local food banks was struggling to keep up with the demand for support in the area. The drive provoked a fantastic response from the TR Scotland team members, who all donated generously. 
Following the success of this initiative, another charity in the area made a plea for local residents and businesses to donate household items, toiletries and food products to those in need of assistance. Since the generosity of the Scotland employees had surpassed organisers’ expectations with the last food drive, they decided to try and help the second charity and initiated another appeal. Again the team received a superb response so they boxed up the items and dropped them off at a local Church, where the donation was gratefully received.
Susan McMichael at TR Scotland, who helped to organise the food drives, comments: “We have regular social team meetings to discuss what we can do for our local community; as a company and a team, we are very passionate about supporting others and it’s important to give back where and when we can.
“These food drives were hugely popular with the staff here and everyone really stepped up to give generously. We were thrilled to be able to give all the goods to the charities and it’s great to know that our contributions will go some way to helping others, especially as the winter begins.” 
Published 01.11.17

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