TR sponsor an Elephant Pump in Zimbabwe

TR has received the below document to certify that the construction of an Elephant Pump in Zimbabwe has now been completed in our name.

We also received a letter of thanks from Taniche Mahachi, aged 14, from Manicaland Province where our well has been constructed.

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TR Fastenings has, by using AquAid's water coolers, helped save the lives of many children in Africa. With every water cooler and bottle of water TR has obtained from AquAid a donation has been made on its behalf to The Africa Trust. These funds are being used to directly build fresh drinking water wells in areas in Africa where it is needed the most, like in schools and villages.
AquAid is continually looking at ways to get its customers involved in opportunities to spread the word of what it does and increase the work that it does in Africa. As a result TR has been selected to aid the project that it is running which involves installing additional Elephant Pumps in Africa.
The Pump will be inscribed with TR's name and a certificate and letter of thanks from the villagers / pupils will be presented to the company. 

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