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News Update Jamie Bedwell: December 2019

Young triathlete gearing up for 2019 season with support of global manufacturing business
The 2019 season was Jamie’s 2nd season competing as a senior athlete on the British Triathlon circuit. Starting the year by putting in an encouraging performance at the annual Chichester 10km road race and achieving a personal best of 33 minutes and 53 seconds, which took him by surprise, as he had very little consistent training behind him, however, this showed an insight into what he is capable of. 
Having battled through another injury-struck winter off-season, Jamie went on to compete at the British Duathlon Championships. Beginning the race at a steady pace, going through the first 5km in 16 minutes and 21 seconds before completing the 20km bike section and a further 5km run to complete the race. Finishing in 21st position, this was a performance that involved a lot of tactics including going head to head with a teammate.

After the British Duathlon Championships, Jamie only had a few weeks before his next competition. During this time, he was also completing his Podiatry studies at the University of Brighton and preparing to take his finals. Trying to find the balance between studying, training and part-time work was proving to be very challenging, meaning that Jamie’s next two races in Llanelli, Wales and Blenheim Palace both proved to be frustrating. He comments: “I was aware that I wasn’t performing to the best of my ability and was unsure how to overcome this plateau. I believe my next competition held in Cardiff was a turning point in the season. Left to battle the race on my own after the first 200m of the swim, I chose to complete the race the best I could with no regard to times, positions or anyone’s opinion on my performance. I could have easily pulled out of the race that day but choosing to finish the best I could was an important stepping stone for what's to come. Whilst seasons like this year don’t offer much, the experience, knowledge and enjoyment that I have taken from it is what provides the solid platform to my development.”

The 5th round of British series was held in Parc Brynn Bach on the 4th August, and acted as the Senior European Championship Qualifier. From the start Jamie was ready to put behind him the performances that had so far overshadowed the season.
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Jamie comments: “After my strongest swim so far, I put myself in a competitive position in the field and with a bike course that included 5 laps of brutal climbing and tricky, technical descents, I continued to progress positions. Finishing the race with a 16:53 5km run helped me to finish as 13th senior in a highly competitive field and finally producing a performance that I felt better represented my potential.” Jamie’s final race of the season was at Mallory Park racing circuit in Leistershire. 

“The race got off to a bad start when I couldn't hear the referee, meaning I was left to react to what was going on around me. A decent swim put me into contention, but as I mounted my bike my right foot slipped, snapping my elastic band; the gap proved too big of a task for me to be able to make-up and was only made worse. I was caught out by the approaching dismount line at the end of the bike race and picked up a 15 second time penalty. 
The run was a positive to take from the race, having ridden the bike completely solo, I finished the 5km run with a time of 16 minutes and 3 seconds and took my time penalty just before the finish line. Not the end of season result I had been hoping for but an experience none the less!”

It’s important to note that a competitive future in Triathlon is one that takes patience. Commonly looked at as a 10-year cycle to the top, Jamie is now approaching the halfway mark, having started from scratch with no
background in swimming, cycling or running. It takes years to master swim technique, endurance in the saddle and experience to race smart and fast, because of this, Jamie is fully committed to the process having made a host of big decisions so far to stay rooted in his club with coaches that he trusts can take him all the way. 
It has been a busy year for Jamie, as well as competing in many races and ensuring he is doing the relevant training required, he has recently graduated from his degree in Podiatry and now works as a Podiatrist for the NHS, providing care across the county of East Sussex.
Something else Jamie is passionate about is the campaign he has been running, Genesis215, with the aim to reduce the use of single-use packaging in the Cycling and Triathlon industries, working currently alongside UK United Nations Association (London & South East Region) as well as Sky Ocean Rescue. This campaign not only raises awareness to the issue concerning the packaging that’s used to protect bikes and clothing, but also works with companies to find a more sustainable solution.
You can follow the @Gen215Campaign on social media, and see regular updates including Jamie speaking at climate and environmental events about its progress. 
Jamie Comments: “I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to TR Fastenings for their continued support. There are various costs related to Triathlon including training, kit, travelling, race entries, training camps and much more, but with this support I can manage this obstacle.

Now back into training, enjoying the balance of early morning swim starts and late evening sessions, whilst my new job fills the working day. I look forward to the cross-country season that begins in November.

Looking ahead to the 2020 season, I will again be competing in the British Triathlon Series, as well as this I will compete in other events such as the Eastbourne triathlon, the British Series offers the most competitive races in the country and also paves the way to qualification for elite European and World cup events.”

You can follow Jamie’s journey on social media @Jbtriathlete where he posts regular updates on races, training and life events or contact him at: Jbedwell7@live.co.uk

Published 02.12.19

TR Fastenings continues Jamie Bedwell sponsorship as he sets sights on 2024

Young triathlete gearing up for 2019 season with support of global manufacturing business
TR Fastenings (TR), the global specialist in the engineering, manufacture and distribution of industrial fasteners headquartered in Uckfield, is again sponsoring successful Sussex triathlete Jamie Bedwell, who is about to start another busy season as he continues on his quest to reach the Paris Olympics in 2024. Despite a serious car accident in 2016 and health problems in 2017 caused by scar tissue, Jamie has never given up his dream of competing for Great British Team.
Jamie gets up to train early in the morning before and after his University commitments whilst he prepares for the 2019 season which will be his second year competing as an U23 competitor in the British series. Still only 20, Jamie began triathlon training at the age of 16 and is now a member of elite club, Bodyworks. In February, Jamie will be joining other squad members at a regional academy training camp in the Algarve, Portugal, for ten days of intensive training in preparation for the season ahead.
TR is one of two sponsors Jamie relies on to help with costs towards his training, competition expenses, kit expenses and equipment. Jamie also works part-time with triathlon specialists ‘The Tri Store’ in Eastbourne, and is currently completing his final year at the University of Brighton (Eastbourne campus), where he is studying podiatry. 
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As well as competing at an elite level, Jamie is also determined to use his platform as an athlete to do good, spreading the word about important causes, positive change and taking the opportunity to help others. In September 2019, Jamie will be working with the United Nations on a special campaign aimed to raise awareness of the issue of plastics used in the bike and triathlon industry ending up in our oceans. Jamie hopes to raise awareness of the dangers of using single-use plastics and the need to find alternatives to reduce the industry’s impact on the environment.
Jamie says: “As a triathlete, I train and compete in the sea all the time, so I see first-hand the damage that single-use plastics are doing to our beautiful waters. I am privileged to be in a position where I am becoming known in triathlon and local circles, which means I can help to draw attention to these important issues and hopefully help in the search for a solution.”
The 2019 season begins in April with a swim-free ‘Duathlon’, before the British Triathlon series kicks off in June with a key event at Blenheim Palace.  Jamie will be competing throughout the season across the UK, with standout races in Cardiff, Llanelli, London and Eastbourne. As well as competing for prize funds, Jamie will also be looking to cement his position as an under 23 athlete, on the pathway to Olympic selection for the 2024 games in Paris and the 2028 games in Los Angeles. The first step will be to qualify for the European Cup, which will mean being within the top 5 of his field. After this, the goal will be the World Cup, the World Series, and hopefully on to the Olympic squad.
Jamie adds: “It’s a really tough environment out there and there are only three places available on the Olympic squad, so it’s certainly a challenging journey ahead of me. However, I am very positive and determined to put my all into my training; for me, having faith and a right mind-set as well as the support of those around me is where my strength lies. I’m very grateful for the team at TR for continuing to sponsor me, they have stayed with me from the beginning and throughout my accident and recovery and I simply couldn’t do this without them.”
Abi Burnett, Head of Marketing at TR Fastenings, comments:

“We have been on this journey with Jamie for four years and it’s been incredible to watch his progress. In spite of terrible setbacks and injury, he has always stayed positive and his determination to reach his ultimate goal is inspiring. We are passionate about supporting local businesses and individuals and we are so proud to have the TR logo on Jamie’s tri suit for another year: we wish him all the very best for the season ahead.”
Published 24.01.19

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TR Fastenings renews sponsorship of Sussex triathlete Jamie Bedwell

Company to continue supporting young star as he returns to the sport following 2016 accident

Uckfield based global fastenings manufacturer and distributor, TR fastenings (TR), is once again sponsoring aspiring Sussex triathlete Jamie Bedwell, as he returns to competitive racing after a serious accident. Despite his setbacks, Jamie has made a staggering recovery and is working his very hardest in order to be eligible for selection for Team GB at the 2024 and 2028 Olympics.
Jamie, who was hit by a car whilst out running in October 2016, suffered severe injuries to his kidneys, back and head and was admitted to hospital in Brighton. To the amazement of the medical team and his family, Jamie was released after 5 days and was back in the training pool just 4 weeks after the accident. He completed his first run last Christmas and started the 2017 triathlon season in March. Jamie has also just returned back from surgery on his stomach where he underwent removal of scar tissue that had built up in his bowel from last year’s accident as well as the removal of his appendix.
Jamie Bedwell Station billboard
Last year’s season finished very successfully for Jamie, where he finished in the top 15 British athletes at the World Championship qualifiers. However, bone pain and stress fractures caused by the accident meant that he narrowly missed out on his place to compete in the European Cup series last summer and was forced to take time out. Jamie re-located to the Alps to undertake altitude training and focus on getting his strength and endurance back to his previous high standards.
His triathlon training, which amounts to over 20 hours a week, is progressing well and Jamie will be stepping up to the Olympic distance in the sport next April as an U23. His ultimate aim is still to reach the Olympics and use his popularity in the sport to help create a platform to promote positive change in the world. Jamie has his sights set on the Paris games in 2024 and LA in 2028.
TR’s sponsorship will go towards equipment for all aspects of his training, which includes travel expenses, competition expenses, kit expenses, training camps as well as studying at University. As well as TR’s support, he is also signed to triathlon specialists ‘The Tri Store’ in Eastbourne, where he also works part time, and is a member of triathlon club ‘Bodyworks’ which is a UK centre of excellence for the sport.
Jamie says: “It’s been a challenging year but I’m actually grateful that the accident happened. It’s made me live every day to the maximum and I’m more determined than ever to work hard and achieve my dream of reaching the Olympics. It could have been much worse for me and I’m just happy to be here and able to keep competing in a sport that I love. I’m hugely thankful for TR’s continued support which allows me to continue on this incredible journey.”
Geoff Budd, Commercial Director & European Managing Director at TR, adds: “Jamie’s extraordinary story is an inspiration to us all. To have suffered such a huge setback at his young age and bounce back the way he has, more driven than ever to succeed, is truly admirable. We love to support local individuals and businesses who share our passionate determination to continuously improve and strive for excellence, and Jamie is a fantastic example of this. We wish him all the best in the 2018 season and we are sure he will achieve great things in the years to come.”
Published 17.11.17

Latest News from Jamie Bedwell, aspiring young triathlete

TR Fastenings is delighted to be sponsoring Jamie Bedwell, an aspiring 17-year-old triathlete from Uckfield who hopes to be selected for the Olympic Games in the next ten years.
Jamie decided at the age of 14 that he wanted to pursue a career as a triathlete and as a result of around 20 hours a week of training alongside studying for A Levels at Sussex Downs College in Eastbourne, he is now racing for Great Britain in the British Super Series, a group of races that take place all over the UK and hopes to represent Great Britain in the European and World Championships.
Scroll down to see the latest updates on Jamie's training.

TR Fastenings Pledges Ongoing Support for Jamie Bedwell

Successful young Sussex triathlete reflects on the 2016 season
Jamie recently took part in the last race of the 2016 season and as a result has now completed the second of three years in the Great British Elite Junior age category and taken another big step towards achieving his aspirations of competing in the Olympic Games. As one of Jamie’s sponsors, TR Fastenings has followed his progress over the course of the last year with a combination of awe and pride and is delighted to announce that it will continue to sponsor him for the 2017 season.
TR recently caught up with Jamie and he shared his reflections on the past few months.
Jamie Update 350
"This year has been hugely successful," he comments. "Qualifying for the British Championships and being ranked inside the top 15 GB triathletes, as well as numerous great results including becoming Sussex Junior Time Trial Champion, finishing 2nd behind former world champion Ben Allen at the Eastbourne Triathlon and improving my finishing ranking in the Junior British Super Series.
"Whilst for many the start of university means quitting or majorly reducing the number of hours for triathlon training due to having to move away or not having the correct coaching staff at their new university, this year I also gained my funded place to study BSC Hons. Podiatry at the University of Brighton (Eastbourne Campus). This allows me to continue my training at one of the best triathlon setups in the world whilst furthering my education and development as an individual.
“I have just completed the national academy trials, which signifies the very end of racing for the season and I will then be taking a few weeks of easy (tapered) training to allow my body chance to recover from a long hard season. I will not be doing any less training; it will just be easier so that my fitness is maintained.
“I want to take this opportunity thank TR Fastenings for all their support and for sponsoring me for the upcoming season. It will help pay for this winter’s training, including buying a new 'Winter bike' that will mean that my current racing bike designed for road racing will not be damaged through riding it in weathers it wasn't designed to be used in. A winter bike will also help me to build strength as it will be designed using aluminium and heavier more durable components. The sponsorship will also be used to help pay for my training camp in Fuerteventura in February, a critical training camp that is used just before the season begins to make sure race fitness is in place and is hugely beneficial to the overall performance of the season. In addition, the funds will be used to pay for kit, training costs and travel costs. You need a lot of kit being a triathlete!”
“We congratulate Jamie for all he has achieved in the 2016 season and look forward to following his progress in 2017,” comments Geoff Budd, Trifast Director and European Managing Director. 

News Update - June 2016 (Part Two)

Jamie took part in the national age triathlon championships at Leeds Castle on 26 June.

The castle grounds and surrounding area provided the perfect triathlon course and Jamie was pleased with his performance. He is now in a heavy training block working towards the British National Elite Championships in Liverpool in August.
Watch his triathlon experience here.

News Update - June 2016

Many congratulations to Jamie for his superb performance in the Eastbourne Triathlon, which saw him finishing 2nd place in a field of top GB elites and age groupers.

Find out more and catch Jamie in action on his Facebook page.

News Update - May 2016

Success isn't given, it's earned on the track, on the field, in the gym. With blood, sweat and the occasional tear. 

Check out this video footage from Tuesday Evenings V02MaxTest. Big thanks to University of Brighton Masters students; Jason Newbery and James Smith.

News Update - April 2016 (Part Two)

Jamie’s Perseverance Pays Off!

Jamie’s incredible achievement at the recent National Triathlon Trials where he managed to qualify for both the British championships and British series proves it not only takes physical ability but a great deal of mental strength and determination when the chips are down.
Here is his report:
What a weekend! The national trials are set up in Loughborough each year to rank the athletes in their respective age categories from 1-50. The trials are set up as a split up triathlon, with the swim held in a gala format on the Saturday (800M) and the bike and run on the Sunday, with athletes released into the first transition in the position they finished in the swim. This year I am in my second year in the Junior age category (17-19 years old). The top 15 from each category go on to compete at the British championships, which this year is the qualifier for the World championships held in Mexico.
The swim on Saturday was a great start to the event. I had aimed to swim a new PB of 10 minutes for 800M which in what was my first ever swimming gala would have been a good result. In the end I finished the swim in 9.52 minutes which put me in a great position for the Sunday (35th position).
When released into transition 1 on Sunday, I fought hard to catch up a large pack that had formed in front of me on the bikes. As a pack we worked efficiently together for the 20.0km duration and managed catch a number of athletes, coming into transition 2 inside the top 20 places.
As I came into Transition 2 there was a big bunch of us in a very small space and unfortunately as we entered the front of my wheel hit into the back of someone's pedal, which was enough to send me flying over my handlebars and flat onto my face (the other boy was unaffected).
However, I picked myself straight back up, grabbed my shoes and headed out for the 5.0km run, now a long way behind the pack I had previously been with. During the first half a lap I felt very sick and I think in a little bit of shock. I couldn't find any rhythm to run and my legs felt very empty. At the time I just wanted to pull out it would have been very easy to have done and blame it on the crash but I kept going, focusing on trying to catch now the number of athletes in front of me. When it came round the end of lap 1/2 I had now found some rhythm and felt much better but I was still a long distance behind everyone else. I knew I had to give it everything and spent the last lap catching athletes 1 by 1.
In a final sprint finished I managed to pull through in 13th position, making at least 7-8 positions on the final lap of the run!  Qualifying me for both the British championships and the British series this year.
I am extremely happy not just with the final position but with the process and my mentality and ability to stick with it when the going got really tough and give it everything!”

News Update - April 2016

This season's opener got off to a great start for Jamie finishing 9th in the 17-18 age category and 16th overall junior! Only 5 weeks back from an 8 week injury, Jamie is very happy with his performance.

News Update - February 2016

Jamie has been cranking up the training with a week at Fuertaventura Training Camp. Check out his video to see the highlights!

News Update - January 2016

A great start to the year for Jamie who received the Tim Whitmore Cup for Sporting Excellence Award from Sussex Downs College, presented by the MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon, Caroline Ansell, and sponsored by TR Fastenings. Now it’s back to training ahead of the first race is on April 3rd in Windsor.

Jamie Bedwell (Leading Mage)

TR Fastenings Supports Uckfield Triathlete with Eyes on the Olympics!

TR Fastenings is delighted to be sponsoring Jamie Bedwell, an aspiring 17-year-old triathlete from Uckfield who hopes to be selected for the Olympic Games in the next ten years.

Jamie decided at the age of 14 that he wanted to pursue a career as a triathlete and as a result of around 20 hours a week of training alongside studying for A Levels at Sussex Downs College in Eastbourne, he is now racing for Great Britain in the British Super Series, a group of races that take place all over the UK and hopes to represent Great Britain in the European and World Championships.
“I love what I am doing and I am 100% committed to achieving my ambition of representing my country as a triathlete and am hugely grateful to TR Fastenings and my other sponsors for all their support and enabling me to follow my dream.”
Each week Jamie typically clocks up over 9.5km swimming, 150km cycling and 40km running; a grueling training schedule, but one he is wholly committed to.
“What struck me on meeting Jamie for the first time was his incredible maturity and sense of determination to succeed as a triathlete” Geoff Budd, Trifast Director and European Managing Director, comments. “We wish him all the best and look forward to hearing about his progress next year.”

To keep up to date on Jamie's progress to the Olympic Games click here

For more information or to request a press pack, contact TR Marketing: marketing@trfastenings.com