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Fastener sector facing the Perfect Storm

Credit: Will Lowry – Editor - Fastener + Fixing Magazine

The dictionary definition of the Perfect Storm is ‘a rare combination of individual circumstances that together produce a potentially catastrophic outcome’. The expression crops up daily across the fastener industry right now, so at Fastener + Fixing Magazine we thought we ought to explore whether it’s justified.

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No let-up in freight and steel cost pressures

“It’s every bit as bad as it was”. Grimly taciturn but typifying responses to the BIAFD’s latest check with members on fastener cost and availability pressures, emanating from the ongoing sea freight crisis and escalating metals costs.

The common theme running through global Purchasing Managers Index reports for February was the sledgehammer impact on manufacturing of rising costs driven by supply-chain disruption and raw material shortages.

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Update 26.01.2021: Container shortages impact fastener supply chain

The global crisis in freight container availability, and consequence massive escalation in sea freight costs, made mainstream headlines in December.

The situation in January is significantly worse. The problem is global, and not directly related to the UK leaving the EU. That said, issues at Felixstowe Port, which knocked onto other UK ports, have exacerbated an already critical situation. 


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Container shortages impact fastener supply chain

A shortage of shipping containers at major global export ports is now seriously impacting fastener availability in the UK and Ireland, the British & Irish Association of Fastener Distributors warns. 

Container shortages are currently the biggest disrupter according to specialist supply chain media The Loadstar1 on 1st December. That’s an assessment echoed by BIAFD importer members, who say they now have major backlogs at factories, which cannot be shipped to the UK and Ireland due to the lack of containers.

 Security Fasteners

TR launches new security fastener to prevent businesses becoming victims of crime

A new range of security fasteners has been launched to help businesses to cut the cost of being a victim of crime from their overheads.

The innovative 5-Lobe pin from TR Fastenings is the first complete range of security fasteners made from corrosion-resistant A4-70 stainless steel - the perfect product for outdoor use, in particular in marine, health and medical sectors because of its non-reactive qualities. The fastener’s five-sectioned screw head means that it can only be undone by someone with specialist tools, preventing its removal by an opportunist criminal.

 Medical Applications

TR launches new security fastener to protect medical equipment from criminals

A new range of security fasteners has been launched to prevent offenders from stealing or tampering with equipment in hospitals and other medical centres. 

The innovative 5-Lobe pin from TR Fastenings is the first complete range of security fasteners made from corrosion-resistant A4-70 stainless steel - the preferred material for all applications across the health and medical sector because of its non-reactive qualities. The fastener’s five-sectioned screw head means that it can only be undone by someone with specialist tools, preventing its removal by an opportunist criminal.

 Battery re use

EV batteries are the future but we must drive improvements now

As the new 70-plate cars roll off garage forecourts across the UK, 2020 is predicted to be another record-breaking year for electric vehicles in this country.

As electric vehicles become more popular, the number of EV batteries coming to the end of their usefulness on the road will soar. But whereas traditional lead-based car batteries are commonly recycled in the UK – so much so that the majority of a new lead-based battery is recycled material – that is not the case for EV batteries.

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Stock variety, variance and availability

TR Fastenings is a leading global specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of high quality sheet metal fastenings. 

Operating from 32 business locations within the UK, Asia, Europe and the USA, TR’s network spans two continents and includes eight high-volume manufacturing sites delivering high quality, cost-effective sheet metal fasteners. Supplying fasteners into c.75 countries and more than 5,000 companies, TR is a Full Service Provider working with customers from early engineering and design stage, right through to specification, manufacturing, quality and logistics.


Engineering and technical back-up

There are many application challenges within the sheet metal industries. Selecting and installing the correct fasteners is one of them. 

Faced with increasing environmental responsibilities and unprecedented technological change, manufacturers and contractors are challenging for higher quality and smarter, application-based sheet metal fastening solutions. Our research and technical capabilities encompass specific engineering disciplines evolved to support all sheet metal application solutions. 

 Customer service

Customer service excellence

As well as offering a full range of sheet metal fastenings, with flexible manufacturing capabilities, TR has made significant investment in the level of support it offers to enhance its customer service.

We deliver comprehensive support to our customers across every requirement, from concept design through to technical engineering consultancy, manufacturing, supply management and global logistics. TR is incredibly proud of its track record in delivering outstanding customer care, which is reflected in the testimonials we regularly receive from many of our longstanding customers.


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Starting with a bang: Encouraging young people into STEM careers

At TR Fastenings we are really proud to champion young engineering talent. We have long recognised the need for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills across many aspects of our business, not just in the ‘traditional’ engineering departments.

In this blog, we will share our experience of nurturing interest amongst young people to embark on STEM careers and in particular, the schemes and apprenticeships we are proud to run in our business.

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A welcome investment: New government funding drives EV charging up the national agenda

This week, (13/08/19) the Government has announced an additional £2.5 million to fund new electric car charging points on UK residential streets, it’s clear that both consumer appetite and official policy are beginning to switch gear on the issue of electric vehicles (EV).

Mass consumer adoption of EVs will not become apparent until substantial charging infrastructure is visibly prevalent. 

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London looks to an EV future

In June, London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced his ambitious plan to radically expand the capital’s EV charging infrastructure, but what does this mean for the market of electronic vehicles?

Speaking at the launch of the London EV Infrastructure Delivery Plan, Mr. Khan declared; “We need to reject the fossil fuels of the past and embrace an electric revolution in London’s transport.”

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Powering progress: the EV battery journey and its impact on the supply chain

As the automotive market continues to evolve and environmental and economic pressures increasingly demand a shift towards sustainable solutions and lower carbon emissions, Electric Vehicles is one of the fastest growing markets to have emerged in recent years. 

In this article we look at the rapidly developing EV and EV Battery (EVB) sectors and how fasteners are helping to shape the future of this exciting new chapter in automotive and electronic history.

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