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A welcome investment: New government funding drives EV charging up the national agenda

This week, (13/08/19) the Government has announced an additional £2.5 million to fund new electric car charging points on UK residential streets, it’s clear that both consumer appetite and official policy are beginning to switch gear on the issue of electric vehicles (EV).
But it’s still very much a chicken and egg situation. Mass consumer adoption of EVs will not become apparent until substantial charging infrastructure is visibly prevalent and not just a surprising addition to public places such as service stations and the occasional supermarket. Equally, extensive investment in infrastructure is not feasible until there are significant indications that EV take-up is growing and sustainable.

Meeting the 2050 net zero emissions target

The additional funding aims to encourage people to charge their cars nearer their homes, in order to meet the 2050 net zero emissions target, satisfy demand and increase the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.
However, with range anxiety one of the major factors stopping this mass take-up of EVs, it’s just as important, if not more so, to invest in infrastructure throughout travel routes. In the same way that petrol stations are never more than a few miles away, it’s vital that charging points become part of the fabric of our lives, available at every place we visit.

The automotive, electronics and sheet metal sectors all have their part to play in this wider EV adoption story. The supply chains behind these industries must all do their best to present cost-effective, easily accessible and sustainable products and solutions to support the growing infrastructure network. The Government funding announced this week is certainly a step in the right direction but more will be needed not only to meet demand but also to assert that the government and UK PLC is ready to embrace this fundamental shift in the automotive story.

Facilitating large scale production

Here at TR, we work very closely with partners, customers and OEMs to ensure that all the components, materials and processes are ready to facilitate large scale production of EV charging points.
Our branded sheet metal fasteners, security fasteners and enclosure hardware are all ideal for charging units and our specialist components are widely used in the production of EV battery (EVB) parts and modules.  Not only can we advise our customers on the best solutions for this evolving corner of the market but we can also provide insight-driven consultancy on the market trends and technology developments that are shaping the future of EV and charging networks.
Published: 15/08/19

Further reading

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