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Engineering and technical back-up

There are many application challenges within the sheet metal industries. Selecting and installing the correct fasteners is one of them. Faced with increasing environmental responsibilities and unprecedented technological change, manufacturers and contractors are challenging for higher quality and smarter, application-based sheet metal fastening solutions.

Our research and technical capabilities encompass specific engineering disciplines evolved to support all sheet metal application solutions. TR offers fastener testing capabilities across a range of categories, including mechanical, dimensional, installation, and plating and finishes.

Application advice and guidance from our on-site engineers

TR’s depth of engineering knowledge and technical back-up is relied upon by our customers who are seeking assistance in the selection of products best suited to particular contracts or applications. Our global technical team can offer application advice and guidance and has the expertise to assist with solutions if there is an application issue that needs resolving.

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, controlling cost and maintaining a high level of quality is a vital component of success. We offer complete confidence to our customers through our quality accreditation, which includes PPAP level 3. Here is what our existing customers say about our level of quality and expertise:
“In general it is great to work with all of the TR teams as they are always customer orientated and willing to help out. The knowledge, especially from TR’s Quality Department, is great because with this they can define and detect troubles and problems.
“For specific projects, TR and HA-CO are always looking for improvements, we are now also developing a special stand-off.” Manuel Grimm, Ha-Co, Austria

Fast response and flexible product solutions

Adapting to change in the current technologically fast-paced environment is essential. TR’s global technical team is able to respond to requirements for smaller, lighter and more flexible product solutions, assist in troubleshooting and in the specifications for bespoke orders.

Where competitors’ products have failed, TR’s engineering team is quick to respond and in some cases this has included on-site visits to resolve application malfunction. With quality application engineers based at most TR sites, we can travel to deal with customers on a personal level if required.
Our customers, as you can see from the testimonials below, are delighted with the technical support TR offers.
“I am very happy with the way that TR Fastenings’ Quality Department is providing me with solutions and answers to my concerns and questions. The department is very skilful and their knowledge is helping us to provide our customers with the information that they require for technical problems.”  Bram van Maurik, Batenburg, Holland
“We are also very satisfied with your Quality Department. Problems are dealt with quickly and solutions are found.” Michaela Kyriakidou, Dueko, Germany
Communication, flexibility, engineering expertise and problem solving are fundamental to the service we bring to our customers. We have a robust, organised network of engineers across the globe troubleshooting application problems and helping customers with their fastening solution challenges.

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Published 01.07.2020
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