TR launches new security fastener to protect medical equipment from criminals

A new range of security fasteners has been launched to prevent offenders from stealing or tampering with equipment in hospitals and other medical centres.

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The innovative 5-Lobe pin from TR Fastenings is the first complete range of security fasteners made from corrosion-resistant A4-70 stainless steel - the preferred material for all applications across the health and medical sector because of its non-reactive qualities. The fastener’s five-sectioned screw head means that it can only be undone by someone with specialist tools, preventing its removal by an opportunist criminal.
A report by the think tank Parliament Street [page 4] last year revealed that suspected thefts of electrical equipment from NHS sites had increased by 33% over a three-year period. Among the items taken were cameras, computers, laptops and monitors. The losses caused not only disruption to care and extra cost to the NHS but also concerns that patient data security could be compromised.

Meanwhile, in March this year it was revealed that staff had to take urgent action after vandals were able to damage the main oxygen supply for Rotherham Hospital [source: Rotherham Advertiser 10/3/20].

TR Fastenings components are used in medical equipment, ventilators, defibrillators, furniture including hospital beds, lighting and electrical points and signage.

Fastenings for medical equipment are made with corrosion-resistant A4-70 stainless steel. The durability of the high grade material means that components need to be replaced less often and that equipment is easier to clean and maintain.
Paul Standing
Paul Standing, Products Manager at TR Fastenings, said: “It’s vital that medical staff have the confidence that when they need a piece of equipment it is where it should be.

“Our new 5-lobe pin fasteners provide a strong line of defence to prevent opportunist thieves and vandals from stealing or interfering with equipment that could be the difference between life and death for patients.”
The 5-Lobe pin is rated as a level 2 enhanced security product and can be supplied with button or countersunk heads in either machine screws or self tapping screws. A4-70 stainless steel is a high tensile strength stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance making it perfect for both internal and external applications.
It is used in the manufacture of medical surgical instruments and in the pharmaceutical industry where cleanliness is absolutely key - the addition of molybdenum to its composition provides the A4 grade with a greater level of corrosion resistance making it suitable for use in salt water environments, or certain chemical solutions.

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