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TR Fastenings strengthens sheet metal offering with Press-Form and Haeger partnership

TR Fastenings is cementing its position as a full-service supplier for sheet metal customers via its special relationship with Press-Form Machinery Ltd.

Press-Form is the UK’s official agent and service partner for Haeger Insert Presses..

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TR Fastenings Easter Egg Hunt Competition Results 2017

Congratulations to Lee Garlick who has won our Easter Egg Hunt competition.

Thank you to all who entered our competition. View the full list of answers here.

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Still learning after 40 years – and proud of it

Geoff Budd joined TR Fastenings forty years ago, as a temporary packer. Within ten years he was a director of the rapidly growing business.

Cut Geoff Budd and each corpuscle spilled would carry a TR logo. That’s by no means blind loyalty – here is a man who can be disconcertingly critical as well as disarmingly generous, as his colleagues and extensive contact network across the global fastener industry will attest.

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TR Fastenings Cleans Up With New EBAC Washing Machines Deal

TR Fastenings (TR) has secured a partnership with British firm EBAC, the only UK manufacturer of washing machines.

TR has been appointed as the company’s sole supplier of fasteners and fixings for its new range of domestic washing machines, which is being rolled out throughout the country this year.

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TR Fastenings Calendar Competition Results 2017

Congratulations to Christine Cope who has won our annual calendar competition.

View Christine's tie breaker and the answers to our hidden TR's competition 2017.

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Global Company Joins Sussex Chamber of Commerce

TR Fastenings has joined the Sussex Chamber of Commerce 43 years after the company started with five employees and a rented room in Uckfield.

Today TR Fastenings retains headquarters in Bellbrook Park, Uckfield, but as part of Trifast PLC has 27 locations worldwide.

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TR Fastenings Expands Into Spain as Part of Global Strategy

TR has expanded its global logistics and customer technical support resources with the opening of a new distribution facility in Barcelona, Spain.

The new operation's initial focus will be on the burgeoning Tier 1 automotive sector, which continues to be an important growth-driver for the company.

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TR Fastenings Sponsors Stylish Swedish-designed Sidebuddy

The new exo-solution for city transportation.

As our cities become increasingly congested with traffic and pollution, bicycles are proving an increasingly popular way to get around town more quickly and easily - and with the added benefit of zero emissions.

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TR Fastenings' New Website: The Go-to Resource for Engineers

TR is a major manufacturer and supplier of mechanical fasteners for the automotive, electronics, telecoms, domestic appliance and general industrial sectors, with an annual output of 50 billion components worldwide.

As a leading global assembly partner, TR fully understands the requirements of engineers.

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TR Norway's Space Odyssey: Supplying Fasteners for the New Mars Rover

TR Fastenings Norway, is pleased to have been asked to supply essential rivets and tools for a Radar Imager for the new NASA Mars Exploration Rover which launches in 2020.

This is the first time components that TR have supplied have gone into space, and it is exciting to be a small part of future history.

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TR Fastenings Belfast: Specialists in Fastenings Solutions

TR Fastenings Belfast specialises in the supply of fasteners to the Crushing & Screening, Earthmoving, Agriculture and Materials Handling Equipment sectors throughout Ulster & Leinster, stocking high tensile grades 8.8 and 10.9 bolts up to M48.

These complement the company's standard fastener range which can be found on its website.

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TR Perspective on UK Fastener Market

By Geoff Budd, Trifast Director and European Managing Director.

With over 40 years' experience in the fastener industry, we have witnessed numerous changes within the UK market and always strike to respond to the ever-changing requirements of the domestic manufacturing sector.

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Investment in New X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Reinforces TR Fastenings' Commitment to Ensuring Compliance & Customer Confidence

TR is seriously committed to ensuring all its products comply with the necessary substance-based legislation.

These European directives restrict the amounts of hexavalent chromium, lead, mercury, cadmium and other hazardous elements in products.

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TR Poole Masking Caps and Plugs thumb

Pushing the Boat out at TR Fastenings Poole with New Product Range

A member of British Marine and park of the global TR group, TR Poole has one of the largest portfolios of marine components on the South Coast.

The company is always looking to develop and improve its service, quality and products and has recently introduced a range of +315 Deg C silicone masking caps and plugs.

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TR Fastenings Helps Make Hair Straighteners Safer

Durability of Burn-Prevention Invention Enhanced by Bespoke Solution.

Designed to protect young children and pets from serious burns, the DAIO is a revolutionary hair appliance organiser with a clever universal bracket.

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TR Fastenings Easter Egg Hunt Competition Results 2016

Congratulations to Fiona Elliott who has won our Easter Egg Hunt Competition.

Thank you to all who entered our compeition. View the full list of answers.

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TR Launches New Website: The go-to place for Engineers, Designers & Buyers

More features, more products and more data

Leading global manufacturer and supplier of industrial components TR Fastenings is delighted to announce the launch of its new website, designed to be the ultimate go-to resource for engineers, designers and buyers, with improved navigation and functionality throughout. 

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TR Fastenings Calendar Competition Results 2016

Congratulations to James Asbury who has won our annual calendar competition.

View James' tie breaker and the answers to our hidden TR's competition 2016.

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Maximising Fastener Potential in the Automotive Sector

By Chris Black, Director of Global Automotive Business Development at TR Fastenings

According to a recent report into the automotive industry by leading management consultants Strategy & Co, despite the fact the automotive sector globally has been enjoying a period of relatively strong growth and profitability for the past few years, OEMs face some serious challenges ahead.

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SDV Lorry Thumb 2

Working in Partnership: New Dual Branded Trailer

SDV Ltd, a leader in global supply chain management, has recently rebranded one of its trailers to feature a specially designed joint SDV and TR Fastenings logo.

As one of TR Fastenings’ major suppliers of international logistics, SDV has been providing a door-to-door service for the company’s logistical needs over the past five years.

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TR Fastenings Welcomes MP Nus Ghani to its Uckfield Headquarters

TR was delighted to welcome the recently-elected MP for Wealden to its HQ in Uckfield

Hosted by Geoff Budd, European Managing Director at TR and a Director of Trifast, the visit was both an opportunity for Nus Ghani to tour the manufacturing plant based in Uckfield which specialises in producing the company’s own-brand Hank rivet bush and to speak to members of staff at the firm.

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TR Fastenings Welcomes China Fastener Industry Association on First Visit to UK

TR has strengthened its position as a global leader in the fastener industry following the success of the recent VIP visit by Mr Feng Jin Yao, Chairman of the China Fastener Industry Association (CFIA) to its headquarters in Sussex.

Accompanied by his colleagues Mr Jinyao Wu, Mr Shen Jia Hua and Ella Leung, editor of China Fastener magazine, Mr Feng Jin Yao was taken on a private tour of TR’s manufacturing plant in Uckfield.

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Geoff Budd, European Managing Director of TR - New Chairman for BIAFD

At its recent meeting the Executive of the British & Irish Association of Fastener Distributors elected Geoff Budd as its Chairman for the next two years.

Geoff Budd is a Director of Trifast plc and European Managing Director of TR Fastenings, with more than 38 years wide-ranging experience in the fastener industry.

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3D Printer 2

TR Fastenings Invests in 3D Printing

TR has invested in a highly sophisticated 3D printer for the purpose of creating testing and prototyping parts, predominantly for the automotive industry.

The 3D printer will use molten plastic to produce the prototypes, enabling customers to see what a particular part might look like before they commit to ordering a large quantity.

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Malcolm Diamond

TR Fastenings: Holding Industry Together

An interview with Malcolm Diamond, MBE, Executive Chairman, Trifast plc

TR Fastenings designs, manufactures and distributes mechanical fasteners on a global basis and delivers to more than 50 countries through its 25 locations across Europe, Asia and the US.

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PR Why Fasteners Fail TN

Why Fasteners Fail After Passing the Stress Test

By Dr Lou Raymond (Ph.D., P.E. (CA), FASTM, FIAE)

When a fastener fails because of hydrogen embrittlement, the blame often tends to be unfairly pointed at the supplier. 

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