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DAIO to Appear on Dragons Den

David Audsley, the British inventor of the DAIO, will be pitching his innovative hair appliance organiser to the infamous Dragons on BBC2’s ‘Dragon’s Den’, to be broadcast on Sunday 21st August at 9pm.

TR Fastenings wishes him all the best with striking a deal with the millionaire investors and looks forward to tuning in to watch!

TR Fastenings Helps Make Hair Straighteners Safer

Durability of Burn-Prevention Invention Enhanced by Bespoke Fasteners Solution
Designed to protect young children and pets from serious burns, the DAIO is a revolutionary hair appliance organiser with a clever universal bracket. The bracket enhances the DAIO’s practicality and appeal by allowing a wide variety of mounting possibilities around the home – a significant product benefit made possible by a bracket retainer manufactured by TR Fastenings.  The bespoke technical solution also delivered durability and cost advantages.
The DAIO’s British inventor, entrepreneurial professional hairdresser David Audsley, was inspired by his first-hand knowledge of the potential dangers of hair straighteners and other heated hair appliances. These popular appliances take as little as 15 seconds to reach a maximum temperature of 230⁰C and up to 40 minutes, after they’re switched off, to be safe to touch. Audsley realised, as a father of two, that these perilously hot appliances are often left on the floor or furniture within easy reach of children and pets.
There is also the possibility of hair straighteners scorching carpets or furniture, or triggering more devastating fire damage - and that nagging doubt is experienced by many who, after leaving the house, can’t help wondering whether they’ve remembered to switch the straighteners off.
Statistics supported Audsley’s fears: one in 10 childhood burns, and four in 10 burns in children under the age of five are as a result of electrical hair appliances. And there has been a 16% increase in domestic fire insurance claims directly attributable to heated hair straighteners.
The DAIO protects against these dangers by providing two cylindrical appliance holders, a bit like two tiny buckets, made of high quality silicone that will sustain a constant temperature of 300⁰ C for up to three weeks. These two receptacles are located side-by-side in a small oblong heat-resistant plastic plate which is attached to a bracket for fixing to surfaces in the home or hair salon. 
Out of the box, the DAIO can be quickly and easily mounted to any horizontal surface around the user’s home, such as a table, shelf or mantelpiece. Alternatively, the bracket can be easily disengaged from the DAIO chassis and turned 90⁰ so that the DAIO can be mounted on any vertical surface, such as a drawer front, cupboard door or radiator. The bracket can also be removed completely for mounting the DAIO permanently to a fixed vertical surface such as an interior wall or the side of a cabinet or wardrobe. The bracket fixes to any surface up to 33mm in width.
This all-important bracket was originally designed to be attached to the DAIO’s receptacle-holding plate with a single self-clinching fastener installed from the inside of the bracket. However, designer and founder of klippsafe product innovation Simon Klippel on behalf of AOK-Design UK, identified that prolonged use of the bracket with this type of fastening could make it vulnerable to working loose.
Simon consequently discussed the details at length with the TR Fastenings team and after reviewing several options, devised and produced production details for a more robust solution.
To ensure the bracket achieves long-lasting rigidity, the fastening would either have to be installed from the outside or, because of inadequate access for a press, installed from the inside in two halves. The latter solution was chosen, using a standard countersunk screw and a Klipp Nut.
TR Fastenings was able to interpret the client’s requirements, agree the alternative technical solution, and manufacture it in sufficient quantities within weeks – and as well as being more robust, it saved the client costs.
The DAIO was widely acclaimed for its innovative technical approach and safety benefits, receiving nationwide newspaper and TV coverage during 2015 Child Safety Week, and its manufacturers continue to donate £1 from every unit sold in the UK to the Child Accident Prevention Trust. 

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