TR Fastenings Easter Egg Hunt Competition Results 2021

Thank you to all who entered our competition, see below for the full list of answers!

E for web easter

Clue 1: Our first egg is interested in finding out some egg-stra information about our products! 




easter a for web

Clue 2: Are you interested in the latest fastener, industry and company articles? Our next egg is 'chicking' these out too!



easter s for web

Clue 3: Can you imagine a world without fasteners? Neither could our hidden egg, could they be egg-sploring what this would look like?




easter t for web

Clue 4: Can you find todays hidden egg? No egg-cuses, this egg needs to be found, it is enclosed in our website!



easter egg for web

Clue 5: We have been supplying into this industry for over 25 years!




Easter 21 Clue 6 R

Clue 6: Who else agrees our annual Easter Egg Hunt has flown by? One last clue to crack! 




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