TR Fastenings’ Sven Brehler to judge Electronics Industry Awards 2021

The 2021 Electronics Industry Awards is an important and influential event, and this year we’re delighted to announce that Sven Brehler, Director of Engineering at TR Fastenings, will be one of the judges. The awards celebrate and reward outstanding talent within the industry, and are understandably seen as a prestigious opportunity to showcase people and projects that are shaping the future of the sector.

Sven Brehler, Director of Engineering  
The event is organised by Datateam Business Media in association with several high priority industry organisations, including Components in Electronics magazine, Electronics World magazine, Electronics magazine and the Electronic Components Supply Network. Now in its fourth year and rightly regarded as a key occasion in the industry’s calendar, the awards ceremony will be taking place at London’s Tower Hotel on October 21st, 2021.

There are three main awards sections to be decided. One is for businesses, which will be decided by public vote, while product and individual awards will be decided by a team of industry experts, including Sven Brehler. One individual is set be a winner, while nine products will also be commemorated. Many of the most celebrated electronics companies have been previous winners in the Electronics Industry Awards.

TR has been supplying to global customers in this sector for over 40 years. Sven’s technical involvement in this and other sectors, such as Electric Vehicle and battery development, makes him an ideal candidate.

TR Fastenings, a Trifast plc company, are specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of a diverse range of fastenings across the light vehicle, heavy vehicle, health & home, energy, tech & infrastructure and general industrial sectors. Sven was pleased to be invited as a judge and will enjoy this involvement. He will use his knowledge and experience of global manufacturing to ensure that he assists in selecting the best company to receive the award.   
Published 10.09.2021

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