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Working in Partnership: New Dual Branded Trailer Reflects Strength of Relationship between TR Fastenings and SDV Ltd

SDV Ltd, a leader in global supply chain management, has recently rebranded one of its trailers to feature a specially designed joint SDV and TR Fastenings logo.

As one of TR Fastenings’ major suppliers of international logistics, SDV has been providing a door-to-door service for the company’s logistical needs over the past five years, offering a supply chain platform which is fit for purpose for its customers worldwide.
Doug Jeacock, Northern Sales & Marketing Director at SDV, commented, “TR Fastenings is one of our most important clients and we felt that creating a dual branded logo for one of our trailers would reflect the nature of our successful partnership.”
Gavin Gent,  Regional Logistics Manager from TR Fastenings, added, “We are delighted that SDV is featuring the TR Fastenings logo on one of its trailers and think it looks very smart! SDV has proved itself to be an extremely reliable and efficient supplier to TR and we look forward to working in partnership with them in the future.”

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