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The Nuts and Bolts of Med-Tech

by Ian Bolland

Ian Bolland spoke to Jeremy Scholefield, director of strategic business at TR Fastenings about the company’s role in the medical device supply chain. 

The company has been involved in the medical industry for over a quarter of a century. It has 32 locations worldwide, including seven manufacturing sites with three technical & innovation centres based in the UK, US and Sweden, whilst working with some of the most recognised brands within the industry. 
Explaining when the company comes into the process, Scholefield explains: “It’s important for us to get involved very early on with our customers, whether it’s at the design stage or the conceptual stage and then it’s working through to supply the products to the point of use.

“For example, when the purchasing manager has a bill of materials and requires a quotation for fastenings, we often see specifications that aren’t clear, or we have to ask many questions to finalise the exact details. It’s much better if we can work early on in the design stage.”

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Published 18.02.2021

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