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TR Fastenings Belfast: Specialists in Fastenings Solutions

TR Fastenings Belfast, part of Trifast PLC, a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial components, specialises in the supply of fasteners to the Crushing & Screening, Earthmoving, Agriculture and Materials Handling Equipment sectors throughout Ulster & Leinster, stocking high tensile grades 8.8 and 10.9 bolts up to M48.

These complement the company’s standard fastener range which can be found on its website. In addition, it is a major stockist of U Bolts, Hose clips, Castle nuts, nut & bolt clamps, Grease Nipples, Circlips, R-Clips, Wire Rope clamps, Split pins, Spring Pins, Couplings, Lynch Pins, through hardened washers and 1” grade 8.8 coiled threaded rod (speed bar) and nuts. As a full service provider, TR Fastenings Belfast also offers vendor management solutions, design and engineering support and maintains vigorous quality standards throughout its manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia.

Maximus Crushing & Screening

One of the many companies benefiting from TR Fastenings is Maximus Crushing & Screening, an independent, global manufacturer and distributor of mobile crushing and screening equipment for use in a wide range of applications; mining and quarrying, earthmoving, civil contractors, recycling and material handling industries.
Used by customers around the world, Maximus’s crushers and screeners operate in the harshest environments. Priding itself on its excellent build quality, the company required a seamless supply system to ensure production levels and lean manufacturing can be maintained, so turned to TR Fastenings for advice and assistance.
TR Fastenings Belfast was able to oversee a smooth transition to a new, more efficient VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) system which includes:
  • A twin bin barcoded replenishment system, with ‘free on loan’ racks and bins.
  • State-of-the-art bar-coding technology to trigger demand and monitor usage. This usage information is shared with Maximus and is ideal for its engineers and the rationalisation of components.
  • Detailed reports from TR Fastenings which provide good-quality management intelligence.
  • Delivering only what Maximus requires.
  • Eliminating H&S risks of trip hazards. Fasteners must be in the bin not on the floor!
  • A dedicated Account Manager.
  • Unlimited access to TR’s engineering website:
"It was a pleasure to work with Maximus and we are delighted that their new system has assisted in improving efficiency already,” comments Arlene Martin, Divisional Manager at TR Fastenings Belfast.
“We enjoy a high level of service and support from TR Fastenings,” comments Paul Colton, Operations Director at Maximus. “Our new VMI system from TR Fastenings has dramatically eliminated non-productive time at our facility. Production can focus on its core function and parts are always available at the point of use.”


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