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TR Cable Glands group product image

TR launches HUMMEL cable glands to enhance their Plastics & Rubber Hardware range

TR Fastenings announces further product expansion with the launch of a new premium range of HUMMEL cable glands, an important addition to its growing plastic & rubber hardware portfolio. This latest move confirms TR’s commitment to increase their product offering to existing and new customers nationally and globally.

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PRH group Thumbnail

TR announces two new appointments to its Plastics and Rubber team

International fastener specialist TR Fastenings announces two new senior UK appointments

Kevin Rogers moves into the new position of Director of Plastics and Rubber - Sourcing and Category Management, and Andrew Fletcher is named as the Director of Plastics and Rubber – Commercial and Technical.

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Sheet metal

TR Fastenings grows and invests in sheet metal portfolio

TR Fastenings, the global specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of high quality industrial fasteners, has made a substantial investment in its range of fasteners for sheet metal.

This strategic move is in direct response to a growth in enquiries in this extensive product line, across multiple sectors.

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TR Medical Products

An increase in fastener demand to support the medical equipment manufacturing sector during the Covid-19 pandemic

By Jeremy Scholefield, Director of Strategic Business, TR Fastenings Ltd

For over 25 years, TR Fastenings has been working with leading healthcare organisations and their subcontractors as a total solution provider of fasteners and cat c products.

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Securing trackside and onboard equipment

The importance of enclosure hardware in the rail sector.

The vital role played by enclosure and locking hardware within the rail sector cannot be overemphasised when it comes to the protection and continuity of equipment, signalling and controls, as well as the locking systems used on board trains.

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Ensuring enclosures can withstand the heat (and cold) in HVAC settings

The HVAC industry is a wide-ranging sector, involving a multitude of equipment and operations that vary from tiny components to vast refrigeration units and heat treatment centres.

On an industrial level, the need to house and protect all of this hardware and electronics is therefore significant and varied. Enclosure units must be able to withstand a number of different conditions, settings and environments and provide different levels of security and protection: all vital for the equipment inside.

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How the enclosure market is growing thanks to Telecoms and 5G

The demand for enclosures and data centre racks is on the increase, thanks to rapidly expanding infrastructure around IT and Telecoms systems.

In July, 02 became the UK’s last mobile network to announce its forthcoming rollout of 5G technology, which will expand to 50 towns and cities across the country by summer 2020.

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Energy oil and gas

Come wind, rain or shine

Protecting equipment in hazardous environments with high quality enclosure hardware.

The energy industry covers a wide range of specific sectors, from wind and solar power to oil and gas production. 

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EH Thumb2

TR Fastenings showcases specialist range of Enclosure Hardware products

TR's extensive range features locks, locking systems, gaskets, hinges, latches, handles, clamps and terminals

These products are used in numerous applications across various industries

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Thumbnail security promo

TR showcases range of specially engineered security components

Specialist fasteners allow customers to boost safety and security whilst not compromising on aesthetics

TR Fastenings is proud to be able to support a wide variety of sectors with its range of specialist security fasteners. 

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EPW thumb

TR launches the EPW, a self-extruding high strength screw for thin sheet metal

The TR patented fastening solution saves customers time and production costs 

The EPW screw is a self-extruding, high strength thread-form fastener which creates its own female thread in punched sheet metal, thereby dramatically reducing assembly times and costs.

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BIAFD Briefing - Background to rising fastener costs - June 2018

The cost of fasteners is rising worldwide. There are a number of factors driving this, from the price of steel and labour to wider global economic circumstances.

The following article, from Phil Matten of BIAFD looks at the various economic and operational factors driving the current price rise and analysing what the situation is likely to look like in the coming months and years.

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screws thumbnail

How security fasteners help to protect us in a changing world

It’s undeniable that the world has changed considerably in the last few decades, altering the way we work, communicate, spend our leisure time and even get from A-B.

Mobile phones, computers, the internet, GPS and social media are not just handy inventions which enhance the way we live, but actually in many cases shape and dictate it.

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JOSCAR thumb

TR retains level 2 JOSCAR status

Accreditation register is used by buyers in the defence, aerospace and security sectors

TR Fastenings has retained level 2 status in the Joint Supply Chain Register (JOSCAR), a database of firms that have undergone accreditation to prove they have the systems in place to supply to the aerospace, defence and security industry.

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State of the Art Spectrometer Enables TR to Check for Hazardous Substances

X-Ray Fluorescence machine ensures compliance with RoHS legislation

As part of TR Fastenings (TR)’s continuous commitment to environmental legal compliance, the firm uses a world-class X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer to conduct checks.

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TR Fastenings commits to automotive quality with VDA 6.3 auditor certifications

TR Fastenings has responded to a growing trend in the automotive market by training members of its quality team to be fully certified VDA 6.3 auditors.

The certification means the team can now assess suppliers and supplier products against the standard, which is increasingly being used throughout the automotive sector.

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New self clinch thumb

With Demand Booming, TR Fastenings Adds New Products to Self-Clinch Range

TR Fastenings has further enhanced its self-clinch range of fasteners for sheet metal products to meet growing requirements.

Demand for TR Fastenings self-clinch fasteners for sheet metal products is evident from a 40% increase in sales over the last five years.

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Wedge Lock Nut Thumb

TR Fastenings Launches New Wedge-Lock Nut

Making bolt security easier.

As part of an ongoing drive for continual product development, leading global manufacturer and supplier TR Fastenings has launched a new wedge-lock nut.

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BIAFD Briefing: Repeal of Antidumping Measures on Steel Fasteners from P.R. China

The European Union has removed high levels of anti dumping tariffs from carbon steel fasteners imported from China. 

These duties had been in effect since January 2009, making the affected fasteners completely uneconomic to source from China.

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BRN thumb

TR Fastenings Introduces Blind Rivet Nuts for Sheet Metals and Plastics

TR remains at the forefront of fastener technology with the latest introduction of its vast range of Blind Rivet Nuts.

These mechanical fasteners ensure a strong thread in a thin sheet and provide the most versatile solution where there is little or no access at the rear.

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Studs thumb

TR Fastenings Expands Stud Range

TR has added new materials and sizes to its wide range of studs for the sheet metal sector.

The high strength studs for thin sheets are available in hardened stainless steel and TR's standard flush-head studs are now available in two new sizes - M2.5 and M8. 

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Taiwan environmental clampdown impacting zinc plated fastener supply and prices

Earlier this month a member alerted BAFD to reports from Taiwanese suppliers on this issue. BAFD followed up with the Taiwan Fastener Traders Association and other contacts in Taiwan to obtain the following information.

The Taiwanese government has radically tightened controls over the discharge of waste effluent into water courses following a series of incidences late in 2013. 

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Trends in the design of electronic goods affect the choice of fasteners

Where once it was believed that design would always be predicated on the need to take things apart and repair or recycle them, the fact is that the opposite has increasingly become true.

Electronic devices, in particular, have seen a fundamental shift whereby disposability is increasingly considered the norm – even in expensive devices.

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Organic Black Coating Now Available from TR Fastenings

Ideal for Marine, Audio and Industrial Applications

TR Fastenings is delighted to announce that it is now able to offer a unique superior black organic finish to all its metal fasteners. This UV-resistant coating delivers a high level of corrosion resistance, no hydrogen embrittlement issues and can be applied over most metallic materials.

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New A4 Sealed Blind Rivet For Offshore Industry from TR Fastenings

TR Fastenings Norway is uniquely placed both geographically and as part of the TR Group, one of the leading global manufacturers and suppliers of industrial fastenings and fixings, to serve the thriving offshore industry in Europe and Scandinavia.

 Having recently undergone a major strategic restructure, the company has made the decision to focus on sourcing and supplying this thriving sector.

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Driving Towards Lightweight Fastening Solutions in the Automotive Industry

As part of an ongoing programme to increase its services and products and, in particular, to assist existing and new customers achieve the weight reduction requirements and high torque demands of the automotive industry.

TR Fastenings came to an agreement with Phillips Screw Company in early 2013 whereby it could manufacture, under licence, Phillips’ complete range of industrial drive systems.

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Clinching the Market

Steve Wallis explains to FAST why the self-clinch product is such a superstar among fasteners and what its future may hold.

From domestic appliances and medical equipment to automotive, marine and telecommunications applications, the self-clinch is one of the most versatile, effective and widely used fasteners in the business.

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plastic fantastic thumb

'Plastic Fantastic' at TR Fastenings

A resounding success with more products coming on-stream throughout 2013

Since its initial launch less than a year ago, TR Fastenings’ ever-growing plastics portfolio is now one of the most extensive on the market, with new products being added throughout 2013 in response to customer demand.

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plastic fantastic thumb

TR Fastenings to Manufacture Phillips Drive Systems

TR Fastenings has come to an agreement with Phillips Screw Company whereby it will manufacture, under licence, Phillips’ complete range of industrial drive systems.

TR Fastenings already owns the Pozidriv trademark for the UK, Pozi in the EU, and also both the MAThread and Torx licences. 

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Manufacturers benefit from changes in fastener technology

Millions, if not billions of fasteners are produced and sold worldwide every day. 

Designed in response to the constantly evolving needs of manufacturers, these integral components to our cars, fridges, computers and telephones are the lynchpins of our modern existence.

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binx thumb

TR Fastenings - 40 Years of Innovation with Binx

As TR celebrated 40 years at the forefront of the fastenings distribution and manufacturing business, the team looked back at our various innovations.

From small beginnings in the market town of Uckfield, East Sussex, TR Fastenings has grown into a £100 million business, with global distribution, manufacturing and sales networks.

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TR Fastenings’ new twist on locking nuts

Following considerable research and development, TR Fastenings has refined and developed the popular and versatile Binx Nut to create a new all-metal, self-locking nut. 

No bigger than a standard full nut, the Binx Nut’s ingenious design incorporates two opposing cantilevers which lock into the mating part with inward and downward pressure, thus minimising thread wear and enabling the nut to be removed and replaced repeatedly whilst retaining torque resistance.

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New self clinch thumb

TR offers a broad range of fasteners and fixings including its own branded sheet metal range

TR Fastenings, a Global manufacturer and distributor of industrial fastenings, has positioned itself as a market leader with one particular product range.

Sheet metal fastenings come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, in many different materials and are used in numerous industry sectors. TR offers a range of items. 

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plastic products thumb

New Plastic Fasteners & Fixings Range Launched to Meet Increasing Global Demands

TR is delighted to announce the launch of its new plastic products range for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) hardware and Cable Management requirements.

Plastic fasteners and fixings are set to be a core part of TR’s expansive product portfolio, with a comprehensive range available, on demand and competitively priced.

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clinch nuts thumb

Clinch Nuts - Product Focus

At TR Fastenings, we manufacture the original Hank self clinch nuts ensuring quality control, flexibility and continuity of supply.

Manufactured in heat treated steel, aluminium, A2 and hardened stainless steel, these sheet metal fasteners offer a thread in to sheet that would be too thin for conventional tapping methods. 

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Sheet Metal Thumb

The UK's Premier Range of Cage Nuts

TR Fastenings, leading stockists of Sheet Metal fastenings in the UK have expanded their product range by introducing a new range of Cage Nuts.

Cage Nuts are snapped into pre-punched square or rectangular holes therefore removing the need for welding, clinching or riveting.

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Euro Rivet Bush Thumb

Introducing the Euro Rivet Bush

TR Fastenings Sheet Metal range is set to expand further with the introduction of the Euro Rivet Bush.

Designed, developed and manufactured at TR's production facility in the UK.

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K Series thumb

K-Series Joins the TR Family

TR Fastenings has introduced the K-Series Nut.

A versatile product which can be used for sheet steel and some plastic applications too thin to be tapped by conventional methods.

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Fasteners for Plastics Thumb

Focus on Fasteners for Plastics

TR Fastenings has developed one of the largest ranges of inserts and screws for plastics.

Our range of brass inserts is comprehensive with nine different designs to suit all types of applications in thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics.

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Sheet Metal Thumb2

Europe's Premier Range of Sheet Metal Fasteners

The TR Fastenings Sheet Metal range is used in a large number of different industry sectors.

Read the full article to find out more about TR range of Sheet Metal fasteners.

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Hank Rivet Bush thumb

Focus on Hank Rivet Bush

TR Fastenings manufactures the genuine Hank Rivet Bush from its purpose built factory here in the United Kingdom.

Sizes range from M2 up to M12, suitable for sheet thickness from 0.6mm up to 6.0mm.

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Security thumb

TR Fastenings - Focus On Security Screws and Screw Drivers

TR Fastenings specialise in a range of security products, including screws, nuts and installation tooling.

These items are ideal for protecting valuable equipment or ensuring products are tamper-proof.

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TR Fastenings - Focus On the Self Clinch Range

The TR Fastenings family has just got considerably bigger!

With a global manufacturing and distribution network, TR Fastenings already has an extensive stock of Hank Self Clinch products.

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Self Clinch Studs Thumb

TR Fastenings Introduce a New Range of Low Displacement Head Studs

TR introduces yet another new product range to its Self Clinch fasteners.

Since May 2011 TR Fastenings has stocked a range of Stainless Steel Low Displacement Head Studs.

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Self Clinch Studs Thumb 2

TR Fastenings - Focus on Concealed Head Studs

TR's latest product proves a runaway success!

TR Fastenings stock a range of Concealed Head Studs.

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Security Fasteners thumb

TR Fastenings - Focus on TR's Security Fastener Range

Are your customer fed up with having valuable equipment vandalised or stolen?

Why not consider offering the TR Fastenings unique Security Fasteners.

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Hardened Stainless Steel Self Clinch Products

Looking to install a stainless steel self clinch product into a stainless steel sheet?

TR Fastenings stocks a comprehensive range of hardened stainless steel self clinch nuts, studs and standoffs from M2 up to M5.

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Sheet Metal Thumb2

TR Fastenings - Focus on Sheet Metal Products

The TR Fastenings engineering team have developed an east to use Sheet Metal fastener.

The Swage Nut is manufactured by TR Fastenings at its UK manufacturing plant and can be used in a number of different applications.

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Security thumb 3

TR Offers Specialist Tamper-Proof Security Fastenings with Worldwide Availability

Easy to fit and remove - but only for the right people.

Leading fastener manufacturer and distributor TR Fastenings is offering a complete range of steel and stainless steel security fasteners design with special head that make removal impossible for anyone who does not have the right matching tools.

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Cost down…quality up with TR Fastenings

Value Engineering Initiative all part of the service

Manufacturers looking to rationalise their supplier base by outsourcing the procurement of low-value items to TR Fastenings, a proven and trusted partner for the supply of its own and third party production fastenings, are also reaping the benefits of the fastener firm’s superior technical and engineering support.

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