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Clinch Nuts - Product Focus

At TR Fastenings, we manufacture the original Hank Self Clinch nuts ensuring quality control, flexibility and continuity of supply. Manufactured in heat treated steel, aluminium, A2 and hardened stainless steel, these sheet metal fasteners offer a thread in to sheet that would be too thin for conventional tapping methods. 

Used in a variety of applications including white goods, telecommunications, automotive, audio, electrical, marine, and enclosures to name but a few - clinch nuts are easy to install, simply ‘squeeze’ them into a pre-punched hole. To see for yourself visit our Self-Clinch Nut Installation Guide. Once installed the reverse side remains flush and smooth.
We pride ourselves on our supply capabilities and can boast a thread size range from M2 up to M12. 

TR Fastenings Clinch Nut Statistics:

  •  ~5,000,000 sold each month
  •  ~15,000,000 held in stock
  • >1000 different customers
  • Immediate availabilty
TR Fastenings offer a quality product, sold at competitive pricing to a range of different customers around the world.

The TR Website: The go-to place for Engineers, Designers and Buyers

More features, more products and more data - TR recently launched a new improved website which is tailored to support customers requirements and make the specification/selection of fasteners a much easier task. 
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