Driving Towards Lightweight Fastening Solutions in the Automotive Industry

As part of an ongoing programme to increase its services and products and, in particular, to assist existing and new customers achieve the weight reduction requirements and high torque demands of the automotive industry, TR Fastenings came to an agreement with Phillips Screw Company in early 2013 whereby it could manufacture, under licence, Phillips’ complete range of industrial drive systems.

Established as an industry leader for its engineering and manufacturing capabilities, TR Fastenings already owned the Pozidriv® trademark for the UK, Pozi® in the EU, and also the MAThread® and Torx® licences, and therefore, according to Geoff Budd, Managing Director at TR Fastenings, (pictured left) “it was a natural progression to manufacture the famous Phillips Drive Systems”.
Since 1933 the Phillips Screw Company has been the leader in the development of high performance fasteners for the automotive. Beginning with the 1936 Cadillac (the first car to use the original Phillips screw and screw driver in production) today the Phillips Screw Company is still leading the way to greater efficiency with the introduction of a range of new drive systems, including the MORTORQ® Super high strength internal drive. This innovative system provides the lowest head height possible while reducing overall weight. Furthermore, in transmission applications the MORTORQ® Super drive has provided unparalleled tool life, yielding a six-time increase that has resulted in fewer line stoppages for tool changes and greater productivity.
Other new innovations include Phillips’ new External MORTORQ® Super bolt, originally designed for the aerospace industry, but which is quickly gaining applications in the automotive market.  The reduced head height and weight of the External MORTORQ Super bolt provides superior torque transfer that is optimized in the removal direction to assure ease of service in the aftermarket (the bolt head design is also compatible common hex and bi-hex sockets) and at end of vehicle life recycling.
Benefits & Applications
In addition to manufacturing the Phillips Drive Systems at its factories in the Far East, TR’s Application Engineers are working closely with its Automotive Tier 1 customers at their Design and Engineering Centres across Europe, Asia and the USA, providing technical advice and support on their use in numerous automotive applications, including car seats, cockpit modules, PowerTrain, door and instrument panels, steering systems, chassis and transmissions, as well as engines and brakes.
Chris Black, Director of Global Automotive New Business Development at TR Fastenings, comments: “Phillips’ Drive systems appeals to our customers requiring more sophisticated engineered applications. These fasteners have up to 25% less material in the head, giving it the advantage of both weight reduction and less material used -  very much a value added product.”
With this broad stable of high-performance systems, Phillips Screw Company and TR Fastenings continue to provide the best solutions to automotive fastening requirements.

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