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Ensuring enclosures can withstand the heat (and cold) in HVAC settings

The HVAC industry is a wide-ranging sector, involving a multitude of equipment and operations that vary from tiny components to vast refrigeration units and heat treatment centres. On an industrial level, the need to house and protect all of this hardware and electronics is therefore significant and varied.

Enclosure units must be able to withstand a number of different conditions, settings and environments and provide different levels of security and protection: all vital for the equipment inside.

Hazardous environments

The electronics and systems at play in this sector are often sensitive and fragile, so careful consideration is needed to determine how they are stored, accessed and maintained.

Many HVAC systems are located in hazardous environments and require specialist enclosure features such as secure locks and robust materials. Conditions such as extreme temperatures, both internal and external, call for specialist measures and protection from corrosive atmospheres and chemicals is, in some cases, essential.

Withstanding the heat

One such consideration is how to protect components and hardware from extreme heat.

Some electronics and controls are so sensitive to heat that a difference of just 10°C can mean the difference between systems safety and systems failure. For every 10° rise, the lifespan of these components can be cut in half, or worse.
Enclosure hardware becomes a factor to ensure that these units are secure and robust, protecting contents from outside conditions yet providing access where necessary in case of the need for maintenance or repair, for example. Secure locking systems and added features such as inspection windows so contents can be viewed without units being opened can be vital in this industry.

Keeping things cool

Of course, HVAC includes cooling as well as heating.

For vast industrial refrigeration units and facilities, keeping equipment perfectly cold is as important as protecting others from excessive heat. Again, secure sealing and locking systems are crucial in these scenarios, as opening a unit can let in unwanted heat or disturb the level of cooling required within a factory or storage facility.

Full range of solutions

Our Enclosure hardware products are ideal for HVAC settings, due to the variety of components and solutions on offer: ranging from control panel features to two or three point locking systems and secure latches. We understand the difference in requirements across the industry and have a solution fit for every situation.

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