How the enclosure market is growing thanks to Telecoms and 5G

The demand for enclosures and data centre racks is on the increase, thanks to rapidly expanding infrastructure around IT and Telecoms systems.

In July, 02 became the UK’s last mobile network to announce its forthcoming rollout of 5G technology, which will expand to 50 towns and cities across the country by summer 2020. 5G technology will not only enable faster mobile phones and improved network connections, but will also facilitate and support advanced ‘smart’ technology in homes, workplaces and public places. Enabling more than one connection at once, 5G will allow devices and networks to talk to each other, supporting the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart systems in all aspects of our lives.
As this sophisticated technology is developed and 5G capabilities become more widely rolled out, there is a need for larger and more complex storage and enclosure solutions to house the equipment and components involved.
As the telecoms systems become more advanced, more data is generated and stored, hence the requirement for more data centres and storage units. Keeping this data and the equipment facilitating it secure is also paramount. Enclosures must not only be robust and large enough to house the systems within, but must be equipped with the right locks, opening mechanisms and precautions to prevent damage, tampering and potential theft.
Using a range of hardware options, such as multiple locking points and sophisticated locking systems is the best way of ensuring that the enclosure’s contents are secure. The location of each enclosure also needs to be considered. Many Telecoms units will be stored inside, but roadside and outside cabinets are also widely used, so it’s vital that materials and mechanisms are used that can withstand and protect contents from harsh conditions or severe weather.
Telecoms equipment includes a great deal of electronics and fragile components such as cables, switches, modems, routers and wires. These items must be protected from dangerous substances and environments, whether they are located indoors or outdoors, to avoid damage from factors such as:
  • Adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain and ice
  • Moisture and corrosion
  • Dust and particulates
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • High temperatures and fire risk
In order to withstand these conditions, Telecoms cabinets are often made from robust materials such as galvanised or powder coated steel and stainless steel components.
As 5G and other industry developments continue to gather pace, it’s crucial that enclosure technology keeps up with demand and provides sufficient solutions to cater for this growth. In comparison to the technology itself, cabinets and storage may seem like a small part of the wider puzzle, but the significance of housing and protecting this technology should not be underestimated.

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