TR Fastenings’ new twist on locking nuts

Following considerable research and development, TR Fastenings has refined and developed the popular and versatile Binx Nut to create a new all-metal, self-locking nut suitable for use across numerous industry sectors.

No bigger than a standard full nut, the Binx Nut’s ingenious design incorporates two opposing cantilevers which lock into the mating part with inward and downward pressure, thus minimising thread wear and enabling the nut to be removed and replaced repeatedly whilst retaining torque resistance.
Available off-the-shelf in a number of different materials and sizes, TR’s Binx Nuts are the first choice for design engineers, especially where vibration resistance is a priority. Furthermore, these pioneering new fasteners are unaffected by temperature fluctuations or contaminants, making them ideal for a range of applications, such as electrical and domestic appliances and locomotive.
The Binx Nut is one of a wide range of self-locking components offered by TR Fastenings, which also includes Nylon insert nuts, Tri 5 and Tri 6 nuts, Hank-loc and Wun-Loc nuts, available from stock and in a wide range of sizes, from M3 to M36, and materials such as mild steel, brass and stainless steel.
TR Fastenings celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. From small beginnings in the town of Uckfield, East Sussex, the company has now grown into a £100 million business, serving customers around the world and around the corner with its regional presence in 26 countries, and is a market leader in innovation.

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