Self Clinch FAQs



Product code.

Can FH studs be made with an M10 thread? No, we offer an High Strength Stud or an High Strength Stud for thin sheet. TR-HFH/TR-HFE
What self-clinch stud can be used in confined spaces?  Low Displacement Studs offer a much closer to the edge fit.  TR-FHL/TR-FHLS
What products offer a 'blind' fitting. i.e. no visible sign of a part being present?  Concealed Head Studs or Standoffs TR-CHC/TR-CFHC/TR-CHA/TR-CFHA (Studs). TR-CSOS/TR-CSS (Standoffs).
Can stainless steel self-clinch fastenings be used in stainless steel material. No, it has to be a hardened stainless steel. Hardened stainless steel products can be identified when there is a  '4' (400 series) i.e. TR-FH4, TR-SO4, TR-SP4 
What self-clinch fastenings can be used in ultra thin sheets?  Thin sheet nuts, studs & standoffs can be used in sheets thinner than 1mm TR-TFH/TR-TFHS/TR-TSO/TR-TSOS/TR-SMPS
Do you offer steel self-finish product? No, the heat treatment process 'marks' the steel. Plus TC1 offer corrosion resistance. TR-FH, TR-TP, TR-HFH, TR-HFE, TR-FHL, TR-SO, TR-BSO, TR-SSS, TR-DSO, TR-S, TR-KFE, TR-KF2, TR-B, TR-LAS, TR-AS, TR-PFS2, TR-PF31, TR-PF32, TR-PTL2, TR-PSL2, TR-PL, TR-TD, TR-TER, TR-TFH, TR-TSO, TR-PFHV, TR-PF50, TR-LK, TR-SMPS 
What products can be used in PC Boards? Broaching products TR-KFH, TR-KFE, TR-KFSE, TR-KF2, TR-KFS2
Does the shape of the Self-Clinch change after installation? No, the mating material forms around the fastening? All products.
What hole size is required for a standard M3 Blind or Through Hole Standoff?  There are two types, recommended hole size 4.22mm or 5.41mm (wide body) TR-BSO, TR-BSOS, TR-BSO4, TR-BSOA, TR-SO, TR-SOS, TR-SO4, TR-SOA
Is special installation equipment required to install Self-Clinch?  Yes, punch and anvil. All products.