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Enclosure Hardware for Energy, Oil & Gas: providing safety in hazardous conditions 

Few industries demand more of equipment and hardware than oil and gas production, and the energy sector in general. Offshore rigs, for example, operate in notoriously exposed and hazardous conditions.

Power generated from solar and wind sources use sensitive electrical components and batteries that if exposed to the elements can cause system failure. As a result, stringent safety and process restrictions are required and equipment must be kept in secure, robust enclosure units.
Most enclosures for wind and solar applications are located outside and must be able to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, excessive humidity or dryness and weather conditions such as rain, ice, wind and snow.  

Scenarios and sub-sectors involving enclosure hardware in energy, oil & gas production

  • Fire systems
  • High voltage and distribution solutions
  • On and offshore installations for Oil & Gas
  • Solar farms
  • Wind farm sites
  • Energy utilisation
  • Power distribution

Specific enclosure products and applications in the energy, oil & gas sector

Transformer cabinet


Transformer cabinets
Battery crates

Enclosure hardware products: 


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In the Spotlight - Come wind, rain or shine

Protecting equipment in hazardous environments with high quality enclosure hardware.

The energy industry covers a wide range of specific sectors, from wind and solar power to oil and gas production. Whilst these disciplines differ widely in terms of the energy they produce and the equipment they use, there are also commonalities - the most prominent of which is the fact that they often operate in extreme and even hazardous circumstances.

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Key sectors using enclosure hardware

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Enclosure hardware is the wider term for products such as locks, locking systems, gaskets, hinges, latches, handles, clamps and terminals.


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Looking to protect your telecoms equipment with safe and secure enclosures? Our locking systems, hinges and other enclosure hardware are ideal. 



Our enclosure hardware such as locking systems, latches, hinges, inspection windows and connector accessories are the ideal solution for HVAC.


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Our locking systems, hinges, handles and gaskets are the perfect solutions for numerous enclosure and locking applications for trains, buses, trucks and agricultural vehicles.

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Our full range of enclosure hardware including locks, hinges, latches and gaskets can be used across a wide range of sheet metal and general industrial applications.

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View our full selection of enclosure hardware products, ranging from locks, hinges, latches, gaskets and clamps, ready for use in a variety of applications and industry sectors.