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Enclosure Hardware for Transport: Trains, buses, trucks and more 

Enclosure and locking hardware has a multitude of uses in transport settings, including in-vehicle and road or trackside cabinets for trains, buses, trucks and agricultural vehicles such as combine harvesters and tractors. From control and power cabinets to door locking systems and secure panels, our full range of enclosure hardware products offers the ideal solution, whatever your requirement. Our full range of products, from on-board applications in trains, buses and trucks to trackside cabinets and signalling panels, ensures vital equipment is safe, secure and protected.

Scenarios and sub-sectors involving enclosure hardware in the transport sector

  • Housing and protecting vital railway equipment
  • Infrastructure for rail applications, e.g. signalling
  • On-board applications in trucks, buses, trains and agricultural vehicles
  • Road and trackside storage
  • Access panels for maintenance staff
  • Passenger furniture
  • Control panels
  • Heavy duty handles and locks
  • Compression locks for vibration reduction
  • Passenger transport manufacturers
  • Construction and agricultural industry vehicles

Specific enclosure products and applications in the transport sector

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In the Spotlight - Securing trackside and onboard equipment

The importance of enclosure hardware in the rail sector.

The vital role played by enclosure and locking hardware within the rail sector cannot be overemphasised when it comes to the protection and continuity of equipment, signalling and controls, as well as the locking systems used on board trains.

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Key sectors using enclosure hardware

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Enclosure Hardware Product Focus »

Enclosure hardware is the wider term for products such as locks, locking systems, gaskets, hinges, latches, handles, clamps and terminals.


Energy, Oil and Gas »

Our locking systems, hinges, latches and handles are the perfect enclosure hardware solutions for Energy, Oil & Gas applications both on and off-shore.


Telecoms »

Looking to protect your telecoms equipment with safe and secure enclosures? Our locking systems, hinges and other enclosure hardware are ideal. 



Our enclosure hardware such as locking systems, latches, hinges, inspection windows and connector accessories are the ideal solution for HVAC.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal »

Our full range of enclosure hardware including locks, hinges, latches and gaskets can be used across a wide range of sheet metal and general industrial applications.

Enclosure products

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View our full selection of enclosure hardware products, ranging from locks, hinges, latches, gaskets and clamps, ready for use in a variety of applications and industry sectors.