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The Impact of the Suez Canal Blockage - 29.03.2021

We have been receiving customer requests for information to determine if their Supply Chain will be negatively affected by the news of the 220,000 ton Container ship Evergreen which has now been blocking the Suez Canal for over a week.

Please see the latest news today (29.03.2021) as the frantic work continues to free the vessel, 10% of the Worlds freight travels through the Canal:
There are over 120 other vessels stranded in the Canal behind this one, and there is an ongoing concerted effort to free it at high tide today. But the fact is that it will be quite some time to fully clear the backlog. Normally 50 vessels a day pass through the Canal. This will inevitably put pressure on the ports in the UK and Europe as they arrive for unloading causing further congestion.
There was already a well-documented existing problem with Container shortages globally so this will not help the current situation. We are working with our freight forwarders and we know which vessels have our product on them coming in from Asia. Those ships that have not entered the Canal already, are being routed around the Cape of Good Hope at the foot of South Africa, and this will unfortunately add another 2 weeks sailing time to the journey. Our Teams are working tirelessly to assess the situation, and we wanted to reassure you today that we will do everything we can to ensure your Supply Chain is not impacted.
As an FSP, Full-Service Provider we maintain good stock levels blending your consumption with lead times from our supply chains and we have adequate stocks of our own branded products. We will work closely with you as we did at the height of the Pandemic. Once again if we anticipate any issue before they become serious, we will inform you promptly, working with you to find a solution. We need to focus on supporting you and respectfully ask that we do not receive requests for a status on every part that we supply to you, as our manpower is best utilized on managing the above.

Yours sincerely, On behalf of TR Fastenings Ltd

Glenda Roberts


Published 29.03.2021

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