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Dimensional information on over 40,000
products including engineering data and downloadable 2D/3D models.

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Knowledge Base

Engineering data on our range of products including installation and tooling guidelines, mechanical and material properties and more.

Latest News

TR Fastenings adds fire to fundraising effort for Cancer Research UK

TR Fastenings contributed to over £800 raised for Cancer Research UK by donating a Kindle Fire device to a raffle drawn at a special beauty consultation evening hosted to raise money for the charity.

Trifast plc - 2018 Preliminary Results

TR delivers another year of strong growth and a 10% dividend increase - this year’s key revenue message continues to be one of consistent growth across all our regions.

TR Fastenings supports growing EV sector with tailored resources for charging units

Global fastener firm has the extensive product ranges and expertise needed to support the design, manufacture and development of charging units for Electric Vehicles