Image of a FM-HSK cable gland with a section cut out to see the cross section fo the product.

Latest News

TR have recently partnered with HUMMEL AG to launch a range of cable gland products designed for harsh environmental conditions. Find out more here.

CGI of an enclosure foot, handle, gasket, hinges and locks on a light grey background

Enclosure Hardware Products

TR Fastenings offers a wide range of enclosure hardware products for use in a number of applications. Find out more here.

CGI of brass insert for plastic, lock, plastic rivet, spacer, pillar, 2 hole drive security screw, Hank rivet bush and a Hank self clinch stud on a light grey background


Dimensional information on over 50,000 products including engineering data and downloadable 2D/3D models.

Group image of sheet metal fasteners

Sheet Metal Products

Whether you are looking to press, rivet or weld during manufacturing or assembly processes, TR’s product portfolio offers a range of options to suit.

Demonstration of the TR Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Engineering data on our range of products including installation and tooling guidelines, mechanical and material properties and more.

Group image of medical equipment

TR in the Medical Industry

TR - Supplying the Medical industry with fasteners and components for over 25 years - We're here to support you and can act swiftly.

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