Our stakeholders

The Group can only continue to grow and prosper over the long-term if we all respect and understand the views and needs of our internal and external stakeholders.

The Board recognises the significance of considering the Company’s responsibilities and duties for the long-term, with the aim of always protecting reputation and upholding the highest standards of conduct


Our stakeholders July 2022


Our people

The Board recognises that the Group’s greatest asset is its employees.
The Directors communicate regularly with teams throughout the business via a variety of media.
We continue to invest in our training provision for our employees to ensure that we have the best skill sets that are relevant to each of our job roles.
Additionally, Trifast is committed to providing a safe and fair environment. We enforce this commitment through our health and safety management systems
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Our investors enable the Company to grow
We maintain strong relationships with shareholders, ensuring they understand our progress and strategic performance and that we strive to understand how they view our business.
The Board considers that an ongoing dialogue with all shareholders is important. We operate a structured programme throughout the year where management are available to all shareholders.
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Trifast prides itself on its long‑standing partnerships with all its customers
Our reputation in the industry for quality is second to none at a time when customers are beginning to focus more and more on this. We are known for our commitment and ability to go the extra mile for our customers, solving issues before they arise and stepping in where competitors have fallen short.
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A combination of in-house manufacturing and established world-class suppliers enable us to be a truly ‘one-stop’ solution
Our suppliers and our global manufacturing sites provide us with the goods and services we rely on to deliver to our customers.
They range from substantial multinational companies to small‑scale local businesses providing bespoke services when they are needed.
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We recognise that our business activities have an impact on the communities in which we operate, and we remain committed to interacting responsibly with those communities
It is our responsibility to respect and value others and maintain high ethical standards in everything we do.
We are committed to the care and stewardship of the communities and  environments our businesses are involved in as a Group and across our 33 locations.
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We are committed to complying with applicable legislation
We are committed to complying with applicable legislation and make necessary declarations and submissions, including market announcements and compliance disclosures for issues such as diversity, packaging, hazardous and restricted materials, and carbon emissions.
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