Our stakeholders

The Group can only continue to grow and prosper over the long-term if we all respect and understand the views and needs of our internal and external stakeholders.

The Board recognises the significance of considering the Company’s responsibilities and duties for the long-term, with the aim of always protecting reputation and upholding the highest standards of conduct


Our stakeholders July 2022


Our people

The Company’s long‑term success depends on a skilled and motivated workforce, an innovative and entrepreneurial approach, and a safe and inclusive working environment.
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The Board is committed to maintaining strong relationships with our shareholders and engages regularly to provide fair, balanced and understandable information ensuring they understand our purpose, values and strategy and how that promotes the long-term sustainable success of the Company.
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Building effective and trusting relationships that generate mutual value helps us to understand our customers’ needs and behaviours. It allows us to deliver relevant products and services, retain customers and attract new ones. It also identifies opportunities for growth and market differentiation, and our ability to demonstrate how we are able to deliver on increasing sustainability expectations and obligations.
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We actively engage with our suppliers to encourage and support them to instil our own business ethics and values within their organisations. Building strong relationships ensures appropriate cost and quality levels of goods and services, security of supply and speed to market. We rely on the high standards of our suppliers to ensure compliance, drive innovation and deliver improvements in our overall sustainability performance.
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Trifast has the capacity to create significant positive benefits within the communities we operate in but recognises our operations can also have a negative impact. We are committed to engaging with our communities to ensure we interact responsibly and maximise potential benefits.
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Policies and regulatory changes, including changes to the global political landscape and laws and regulations affecting terms of trade, may provide opportunities and pose risk to our operations.
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