TR Italy

Manufacturing cold forged products since 1964 in Umbria Italy.

One of the most renowned manufacturers in Italy with a history of product development and innovative design solutions


TR Italy is in the industrial belt in Umbria which was historically the centre for domestic appliance manufacturing in Italy

The site manufactures for well-known global brands and distributes the product to multiple sites on four Continents. Its area of speciality is male threaded cold forged product specifically to customer drawings and has expanded into other industry sectors including energy, tech and infrastructure, and light vehicle. Gaining the IATF 16949 accreditation has led to diversification into the auto sector to give a more balanced portfolio of customers. 

TR Italy’s area of speciality is in product design and innovation. It has 17 patented parts, some of which are complex mouldings around a forged part for a particular application. The most recently developed product, the EPW Screw, has been acknowledged as a leading edge product and has won accolades from the fastener industry.

Such is the success of the facility and the demand that has created that the facility is being expanded by 30% to manage the growth.


Our capabilities


Machine capabilities

Types of machines
  • Wire drawing
  • Cold forming
  • Thread and profile rolling
  • 1 die 2 blow machine
  • 2 die 3 blow machine
  • 2 die 4 blow machine
  • 4 die 4 blow machine
  • 5 die 5 blow machine
  • 6 die 6 blow machine
Secondary operations
  • SEMs assembly
  • Pointing
  • Specialised assembly equipment
Diameter range
  • 1.6mm - 14mm

Heat treatment and sorting

Heat treatment
  • In-house heat treatment
  • Continuous carbonising heat treatment line
Additional services
  • Optical sorting
  • Surface treatments
  • Zinc plating - CR3 blue, black, zinc-nickel, geomet and other special coatings
  • Chemical polish and passivation
  • Galvanic treatments
  • Waste water treatment
  • Bespoke packaging
Assembly capability
  • Double Washer SEMs assembly
  • Fibre Washer assembly

Licences and accreditations

  • IATF 16949
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015

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  • MAThread®
  • Phillips®
  • Mortorq®
  • Strux®
  • EPW
  • Spiralform®

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Areas of expertise

The Research and Development (R&D) department work closely with many of the multinational customers that we service. We provide solutions to reduce the number of components in an assembly or work on thread development to solve their technical problems. 

TR Italy has 17 patented products including:

  • EPW Thin Sheet Metal Screw
  • Packaging Spacer for washing machines suitable to hold hoses and cables

Deep understanding of the health & home sector.

Automated packaging line.

In-house surface treatment plant.

Complex cold forging capability.



Industries we supply



Product configurator

Our Engineering team can assist with an enhanced level of technical and design support to meet your specific needs, and can offer constructive solutions. Use the form below to enquire today.

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