Energy tech and infrastructure

Energy, tech & infrastructure

Power generation & distribution, energy management, connected devices, 5G infrastructure and networks.

Enhanced interconnectivity, improved computer processing power, together with exponential growth in data generation lead to shorter life cycles, rapid product launches and the increased use of robotics in a myriad of industries


Combined with mobile working and expanding urbanisation in developing regions, the infrastructure required to support these changes is significant

Local presence to support a global strategy or product design as well as a nimble supply chain all become more relevant as this market sector scales ever upwards.

Fast paced evolving designs in this industry sector supporting technological advances requires the highest level of technical and engineering support. Combining this joined-up approach with early involvement in the design cycle, this local and global support enables TR supply chains to minimise total costs of acquisition to any customer location.

Products are supplied into a variety of applications and industry sector such as robotics, base stations, telecoms, antennas, data centres, energy management systems, connected devices and lighting.

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Applications we supply into




Outdoor street lighting

Professional luminaires

Indoor smart lighting

Agricultural/horticultural lighting

Decorative lighting

Stadium lighting

Theatre lighting

Bulkhead lighting





Wi-Fi routers

5G Networking hubs

Filters and power amplifiers

Base station cabinets

Mounting kits for antennas and dishes

Switching systems

Data cabinets

Desktop communication systems



Computing icon

Servers and blade servers

Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)

Storage devices 

Large and small format printers

3D printers



Handheld devices


Business machines

Business machines icon


Self-service checkouts

Ticket kiosks

Vending machines

Bank note counters and sorters

Point of sale (POS)

Credit card readers

Payment machines

Photocopiers and scanners



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