Supply Chain Solutions

Customised Supply Chain Solutions

TR has a global infrastructure that manages and optimises supply chain solutions. This a growing requirement for multinational OEM’s who require the same service throughout their global footprint.

We supply customers in over 60 countries from our multinational locations. By managing total logistic solutions from transportation, warehousing, distribution, through to production lines, we give our customers a cost effective and efficient service.

Lean Supply Solutions

TR is a proven full service provider and working in conjunction with our customers we can provide Lean Supply Solutions.

Effectively this means that you pay for what you consume. This enables our customer to focus their attention on higher value parts and their own manufacturing, freeing up cash, time and resource. TR can interface with your MRP and EDI processes to further LEAN the system.

If you would like us to visit for a full production line survey so we can recommend the best system for you, please contact our Global Logistical Support Team and one of our Supply Chain Consultants will arrange to come and discuss your requirements.
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