TR supplies components to over 5,000 companies globally across a wide range of industries.

Blending our global manufacturing capability, with strong distribution and logistic support, creates a winning combination


This meets the changing needs of developed global multinationals across four continents, and those of new start-up ‘disruptive innovators’; companies, products, or services that rise out of left field and completely change their respective industries

We are actively involved in the medical equipment field, and in the fast-paced development of electric vehicles and battery technology. We have had major successes already and we are very focused on the future of new emerging technologies.

Sales support

We have service models that are adapted to meet customers’ requirements. Understanding the needs of varied customer business models has enabled us to structure our sales and service teams to support and meet their expectations. 

Global Account Directors (GAD’s), specific to a sector, are there to support and develop business with global OEM’s working at a corporate level. The flow down of the OEM strategy is further developed at a regional level and managed by the Strategic Account Managers (SAM’s) working very closely with the Business Development Manager’s (BDM’s) in that geography.

We have transactional and product sales teams in position to service the non-contract customers where fast turnaround is required. In addition there is a dedicated team in place to support Distributors providing them with TR’s fast growing proprietary product range.


TR's Smart City

TR Fastenings' innovative interactive Smart City demonstrates our role in the future building of a fully connected living.


Industries we supply to

Find out more about the products and services we offer to the various sectors we support.