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Innovation is more important than ever, being able to offer the right products to consumers quickly is the key to growth


Product innovation often requires innovative manufacturing solutions and joining technologies

Our Engineering team is here to help Design Engineers and others involved to understand and differentiate between potential fastening solutions available to quickly progress your development.

We have experience in the ever changing landscape gained through collaboration with major OEM’s and Subcontractors involved in the light vehicle, heavy vehicle, health & home, energy, tech and infrastructure, general industrial and distributor sectors. Our Engineering team can assist with an enhanced level of technical and design support to meet your specific needs, and can offer constructive solutions.


Technical support and application engineering services

TR focuses on building relationships with our Customers' Engineers, enabling us to be involved at the inception of the project and product design, continuing through its lifecycle. See our Engineering Knowledge Base for further information.

Our principles within the Engineering team are based on confidentiality, integrity, transparency and trust. Our objective, is through listening to our Customers, we can differentiate between quality requirements and engineering needs to aid the problem-solving process.

“Your challenge, our passion”


Engineered fastener solutions and technical services

Circular Economy

Design in a circular economy 

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) are the integration of product design and process planning into one common activity. The goal is to design a product that is easily and economically manufactured giving up-front cost-effective solutions. Additionally, our Engineers promote the inclusion of the ability to reuse, repurpose or recycle into the design. 

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Value Engineering (VE) and design support 

TR promotes Value Engineering (VE), reducing cost, improving function or both through collaboration with the customer. Through evaluating the application there are up-front cost benefits which last for the life of the product. Many reports show that up to 80% of a product’s cost are determined during the design stage. 

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Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VA/VE) 

Our customers are the experts in creating their own products. At TR we recognise this and provide a VA/VE service to further assist the product, by optimising the assembly process or reducing the overall cost by way of teamwork based evaluation and analysis, followed by value engineering.  

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Online CAD models and custom development drawings

We have an extensive library of 3D CAD models available online. Additionally, our online product library gives the ability to produce specific technical drawings directly from our website.

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3D models

Prototyping & pre-production samples

TR has 7 global manufacturing facilities within our Group and therefore we have a wealth of knowledge within their technical teams. This gives us a distinct advantage as that knowledge is available and readily shared with the teams in our distribution facilities and our engineering community. 

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Testing facilities

Testing facilities

We have testing facilities within our larger hubs and in our manufacturing locations. Where appropriate, we use independent testing laboratories who can produce the data to qualify the product to the required standard, this would include corrosive atmosphere testing and eddy-current testing to detect surface and sub-surface discontinuities in conductive materials. 

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Technical and Innovation Centre - Gothenburg


TR prides itself with three dedicated Technical and Innovation Centres based in the UK, Sweden and USA. The Centres form a platform to promote an end-to-end innovation process and to practice theoretical fastener concepts, undertake physical tear down activities and allow for virtual or face-to-face development exercises. Practical review of applications provides a strong input to design considerations for new product development, or adaptation of existing products.

Innovation opportunities are also embraced from within our manufacturing facilities. Our manufacturing facility in Italy has been presented the ‘Fastener Innovation Award’ for developing the patented EPW Screw. The award is designed to ‘underline the key role innovation plays within the fastener and fixing industry’.



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