Screws for Plastic design guide considerations


Fastening plastics using standard Self Tapping Screws frequently causes assembly problems. The plastic material is liable to burst due to stresses that build up in the assembly. Inserting the screws into metal inserts overcomes the problems but adds to the procurement and assembly costs.

TR Fastenings' range of thread forming screws are specifically designed to provide reliable fastener joints in a wide variety of plastic materials now in use. This document sets out for designers and production engineers the data necessary to achieve optimum assembly. It is based on the practical testing of the screws in the laboratory and the company's experience of their extensive use in industry.

TR Fastenings Screws for Plastic:

Plas Tech 30

Plas-Tech® 30

A 30 degree round single start threadforming screw with a reduced core and wide thread pitch for high performance in most thermoplastics and some thermosets.

Plas Fix 45

Plas-Fix® 45

A trilobualr bodied single start threadforming screw with a 45 degree thread angle designed for installing into a wide variety of thermoplastics including glass filled nylons and modified polyphenylene oxide.

Plas Fix 60

Plas-Fix® 60

A trilobualr bodied single start threadforming screw with a 60 thread angle designed for standard performance in nylon, acetal, ABS and some glass filled nylons.

Thread Cutting Screw

Thread Cutting

A 60 degree round thread form with a notched point designed for cutting a thread in most thermosets.