Fastener Material

Strategy and Vision

Our core business is supplying high volume assembly multinational OEM's around the world with components. They demand consistent quality, price and availability in order to supply automotive assemblies, mobile phone base stations, computer enclosures, cash dispensers, business machines and other equipment, often across multiple plants globally.

Over 60% of Group sales come from multinational OEM’s. We carry ‘preferred supplier’ status to over 40 global multinationals. This enables us to replicate the services that we provide globally and support platform builds as they transfer to different continents.

Value is not just about price

TR offers to the market high quality products, reliable supply logistics and sound inventory management. We pride ourselves on our consistently high levels of service and our commitment to finding the solution that our customers are looking for. This approach can see us stepping in to help with an urgent supply issue, or using our engineering know-how to generate production line efficiencies for our customers in the longer term.
What TR is able to offer is a complete value add package at a price that benefits both our customers and our shareholders.

It’s all about our people and planning for the future

Developing our people’s talents will identify our leaders of the future. It is paramount that we retain and diversify skills through training, as these underpin our reputation and competitive edge in what is an increasingly limited global labour market.
All TR operations are managed on a day-to-day basis by country directors who represent the core foundation for our succession planning. Attention is paid to performance management, training and mentoring to ensure that our business growth, customer partnerships and all round continuity can be reliably sustained.

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