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TR Fastenings - Design for Manufacture - Optimising Fastener Function and Assembly by Sven Brehler

View and listen to Sven Brehlers full presentation from Battery Tech Expo. 

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TR fuels success at Automotive CEE Day 28-29 March 2019.

The Automotive CEE Day event in Opole, Poland is one of the largest European purchasing meetings in the industry. The event attracted people from across the world resulting in a dynamic and knowledge driven event enabling visitors to share opinions, establish new partnerships and explore business opportunities.

TR Fastenings was a key partner in this event with a prominent central exhibition stand and promotional banners clearly visible to all visitors. With leading presence in the Industrial Knowledge Zone, TR’s Simon Willington and Maciej Plewka discussed TR’s experience in the sector and the significant contribution of fastener solutions to the automotive industry.
A big thank you to Patryk Orlański who created this video for TR Fastenings -

Automechanika TV - Interview

Interview held with Glenda Roberts, Global Sales Director and Chris Black, Director of Global Automotive Business Development at Automechanika Birmingham exhibition 2016.


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