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Hardware Solutions for the Electric Vehicle Industry

TR is actively working with a number of organisations involved in the design, manufacture and development of Electric Vehicles (EVs), Battery Pack Modules (EVB) and Electric Vehicle Charging Units for both commercial and residential use.
As this sector continues to emerge and develop, TR is able to supply an extensive product range and has the necessary technical knowledge, expertise and experience to support this industry. TR’s qualified engineers and sales staff are on hand to advise designers, production and purchasing teams on a number of matters, from Design for Manufacture (DfM) to new fastener technology, sourcing insight and cost reduction.


Electrical Vehicle Charging Units

TR Fastenings has the necessary technical knowledge, experience and extensive product range to support customers involved in the new and exciting business sector supporting the design, development and manufacture of Electric Vehicles with the main focus on the associated charging units.
TR is already actively supporting a number of key customers involved in the design or manufacture of Electric Vehicle Chargers for both commercial and residential use. TR's qualified engineers and sales staff are ready to support, looking at areas of improvements such as design for manufacture, new fastening technology, standardisation, rationalisation and cost reduction.

Fasteners and Components for Enclosures and Servers

As an increasing number of industries use cabinets, secure boxes and other enclosure units to house electronics, wiring and other systems in public places, there is also a need for high quality enclosure hardware and mechanisms to be an integral part of the design.
Telecoms enclosures serve a vital purpose: to house, organise and protect the valuable equipment needed for modern communications. Found in multiple locations, including outdoor and even hazardous environments, it’s crucial that these enclosures provide sufficient protection from weather conditions, theft and tampering as well as cyber security threats. TR Fastenings can support this vital industry with our range of fastener products including enclosure hardware, plastic hardware, sheet metal fasteners and more.

TR - Supplying the Medical industry with fasteners and components for over 25 years - We're here to support you and can act swiftly.

Working with many of the industry leading healthcare OEM's and their subcontractors, TR provides a wide variety of fasteners and components for medical applications. Our knowledge of this sector allows us to speedily support the specific needs of the industry, ranging from standard items to volume bespoke parts.
Our aim is to work with designers, production and purchasing staff to deliver the most cost effective fastener solutions on both a local and global level.

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