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Generalised industries - not specific to any one end market.

TR supplies to a wide range of industrial manufacturers producing a multitude or products ranging from actuators, HVAC, machine builds through to leisure equipment


This sector is not specific to any one end market and includes sheet metal sub-contractors and plastic moulding companies

The build requirements are typically fastener rich with a product portfolio requiring access to a wide range of components, often needing rapid turnaround of availability. This wide industrial sector includes light manufacturing facilities, agricultural machinery, metal crushing machines, safety systems, elevator door assemblies and therefore covers a very diverse range of fasteners and materials. 

The range includes Cat C components such as Screws, Bolts, NutsCable Management, Enclosure Hardware, Springs, O-Rings, Seals and Plastic & Rubber Hardware which are used extensively in this sector. 



Applications we supply into



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Heating and ventilation

Air conditioning

Heat pumps

Industrial water heaters

Pressure and temperature regulating valves

Energy meters


Security & fire 

CCTV icon

Access control systems

Sensing systems



Fire alarms

Smoke and CO2 detectors

CCTV cameras



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Conveyor and handling systems

Industrial process control

Valves and actuators

Plastic mouldings

Sheet metal fabrications



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Escalator products

Elevator door systems

Electric motors

Servo drives

Leisure and gym equipment



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